£1m rebates for intensive energy users

A scheme offering rebates to energy intensive industries has seen us uncover over £1m in annual refunds for clients.

A campaign with EII businesses operating under restricting environmental taxes saw us speaking
with a range of businesses unaware of the rebate, yet eligible for six figure sums.

It follows the Government’s realisation that these types of business (EIIs) were experiencing commercial damage from RO and FiT levies imposed; typically representing some 15/20% of a business’ electricity bill.

Peter Catlow, Businesswise director of cost reductions, said: “When we started talking to existing and potential clients about EII rebates it became very clear straight away that they knew little or nothing about what was available to them, nor the processes it entailed.

“Several of these clients asked us to investigate further on their behalf and we are pleased to update that we have managed to secure rebates upwards of £1m a year to date.”

One of the biggest savings so far was for was for a yarn spinning business, for who Businesswise negotiated a rebate of £340,00, followed by a £100,000 rebate for a polythene bag manufacturer and £66,00 for an iron and steel manufacturer.

Peter added: “We have a number of rebates in the offing and we are confident that one of these will achieve a £300,000 rebate and another £150,000. These are huge sums of money and it is vital that businesses check their eligibility now, as claims cannot be backdated; every month that passes is a lost income opportunity.


For further information about how your company can benefit from compensation and to see if your business falls into an Energy Intensive Industry, speak to a member of our EII compensations team by calling 01282 611329, alternatively email sales@businesswisesolutions.co.uk