“We first started working with Businesswise Solutions in order to reduce our telecoms spend and were so impressed by the company’s professionalism and attention to detail that we quickly decided to work with their energy division on other projects.

As you can imagine, energy is a large spend area of our business, yet without the expert knowledge or time to monitor the markets in-house, we knew there were a lot of potential savings not being realised.

Last year, Businesswise approached us with details of their Energy Buying Group; a venture that, through working with fellow businesses, would allow a group buying approach and a number of added value services.

As a community-minded business, we felt this made perfect sense for us, and like every business, energy costs are a concern for us, so we signed up straight away.
Joining the group not only ensured the best possible price at the point of locking in, it has also proved very beneficial to us ever since.

Their expert team have implemented a ‘Price Watch’ strategy that constantly monitors the markets on our behalf and will highlight any potential dips or spikes that will enable us to react should a buying opportunity present itself.

We feel confident in their expert care.

They’re also looking at ways in which we can reduce our spend further by providing a data monitoring report every month. I can request reports to help us with our cash flows and highlight our usage patterns, showing where we’re using our energy and to see where efficiencies can be identified.

They constantly monitor our bills to look out for any overcharges, and are doing the same for historic bills to identify any opportunities for refunds and as such.”

Doug Metcalfe,
BFC Stadium Manager