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Are you ignoring the benefits of EII rebates – would it help if we told you we saved a client £344K a year?

If you’re a manufacturer ignoring the benefits of EII rebates – would it help if we told you we saved a client £344K a year?

If you read our blog, you might have seen our post from last year explaining that certain large (mostly manufacturing) energy users can claim annual refunds for their energy spending.


As a general rule, these refunds represent some 15/20 percent of a business’ electricity bill.


This was certainly true in the case of one of our manufacturing clients, for who we secured a rebate of £344K per annum.


And this was certainly no one off. We have managed to negotiate five and six figure rebates for a wealth of clients meeting the EII criteria.


Yet, while the potential savings are huge many companies are still unaware that they qualify for energy rebates, so we wanted to re-address it here now.


To recap, at the end of last year, Parliament passed a motion to exempt Energy Intensive (EI) industries from up to 85% of the costs from the Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme. The exemptions are designed to enable EI companies to operate and compete internationally without being unduly burdened by the cost of renewable energy schemes.


If your company is eligible, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to qualify, since claims cannot be backdated. Eventually, schemes such as Feed-In Tariff and Renewables Obligation will be replaced and EI customers can claim up-front rebates. However, for now they will remain in effect and qualifying customers can claim only back compensation annually.


Click here to see if your company qualifies for exemption and to apply for a certificate of eligibility. We can help you through the process of ensuring that you have received your certificate and how to receive the highest rebate possible. Get in touch with us discuss.


How did secure a rebate of £344Kp/a for our client?


The key facts:

• Annual electricity spend around £2 million
• Chose Businesswise Solutions to manage the application process
• Businesswise completed and submitted the application to the Department of Business
Innovation and Skills
• Businesswise handled the subsequent negotiations with DBIS
• At the end of a 10-week process, Businesswise succeeded in achieving annual compensation
of more than £344K (15%) pa


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