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Securing your business energy rates until 2021

We can’t predict the future, but we can offer you the opportunity to secure advantageous fixed energy contracts and budget certainty for the next five years. Our new, bespoke buying group provides a favourable, long term solution for your business gas rates and takes away the risks which have long been associated with a volatile market.

When seeking new energy rates as an individual business, prices are often inflated to balance out any future risk caused by market fluctuations. This is not the case with the buying group. Purchasing on such a large scale enables us to negotiate better rates with our suppliers based on current low rates; no matter your size of business or consumption levels.

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Exclusive group terms for Businesswise clients:


  • Budget certainty until September 2021
  • Fully fixed discounted group rates for entire contract
  • No volume tolerance penalties for sub 10Gwh clients
  • Group achieved relaxed credit terms
  • Free smart meters where appropriate

To take advantage of this group purchasing offer while the markets are at their lowest, please contact 0800 035 2929