The key to saving your business money on its energy costs and ensuring you are always getting the best possible deals for your business is to have a robust energy strategy in place.


Our team of independent energy purchasing specialists can manage your energy strategy for you, helping your business to secure the best gas and electricity prices on the market as a result of our expertise and guidance.

Whether you are an SME or corporate, and no matter what sector you work in, our experts will get to the heart of your business to source and procure the best possible gas and electricity contracts for you.

Through our market knowledge and vast experience of energy purchasing, we can help your business to save time, money and valuable staff resources. An accredited partner to all of the UK’s leading gas and electricity suppliers, we ensure the best commercial proposition for our business customers. And, leveraging our bulk purchasing power, we gain access to the most competitive prices on the market.

Working closely with you, we will develop an understanding of your business and energy needs and report back to you with a solution which meets all of your business objectives. We will use our experience to:

• Analyse your current energy usage and approach suppliers with details of your future energy requirements

• Design and implement a detailed buying strategy and plan

• Assess the most suitable gas and electricity contracts available for your business before recommending a new supplier, rate structure and contract term to you

• Negotiate the new contract and terms on your behalf and ensure you are aware of the terms and conditions

• Obtain credit clearance for the contract to be approved.


Product options

It is our job to assess the market and find the best possible energy contract for your business needs, whether this is based on price, energy consumption or flexibility of contract. >>>READ MORE

Minimising risk

We make it easy for businesses to manage the risks posed by a volatile energy market. >>>READ MORE

Price Watch

We operate a Price Watch programme, which enables clients to renew contracts long before their existing contract end date, enabling renewal at the optimum time and providing budget certainty for years to come. >>>READ MORE

Dedicated account management

We are proud to deliver an outstanding level of customer service to all of our clients, building long-term relationships with them through our understanding of their business needs and determination to secure them the best possible energy contracts. >>>READ MORE