Meet Andy Scott, our Head of Business Generation and Partner Programme

Andy joined us earlier this year to bring a fresh perspective on managing and supporting the Business Generation team. With his support, our Business Generation team has already seen record results.

Andy also brings his experience of partnerships to Businesswise and has reinvented our partner programme. In fact, it was through a partnership that Andy first became aware of Businesswise, while working at another company.

“I’ve always admired Businesswise and stayed in touch, so I was excited to take up a position here as part of the company’s expansion plan.”

As Head of Partner Programme, Andy meets with businesses to help them maximise their profits and gets to meet some great people along the way.

Last words from Andy:

“I have already gained an eye-opening perspective of the B2B energy market and its complexities and I really understand now why we do so well against other brokers that mainly concentrate on the couple of elements that make up energy costs. A lot of savings and efficiencies are ignored on the 60% of the bill that are made up of taxes levies and exemptions. Luckily for our customers, this is the area that that we excel in.”

Want to work for a growing company with an exciting future? View our latest vacancies here: work for us.

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