If you’ve seen Minority Report (if you haven’t, go and watch – it’s brilliant) then you’ll know of the pre-cognitives (PreCogs) – three psychic humans tasked with predicting future crimes in a near-future Washington DC. These three sense a crime about to be committed, and then the police department sends an officer out to apprehend the perpetrator before it’s even happened – so far, so sci-fi. 

So what on earth does this have to do with our energy analysts? Well, stay with me, but there are actually plenty of similarities between the PreCogs and our energy management dynamic duo Antonia Cheng and Conor Howard. They analyse big energy data to give an accurate picture of energy consumption; they package this information in easy to read reports; and they’re both extremely powerful psychics that can predict the future – ok maybe we’re stretching on the last one, but still, our analysts are pretty good! So, let’s look a bit further, shall we?

Evidence Based Analytics

Ok, first up, both PreCogs and our Analysts are experts in analysing information. The PreCogs use their psychic powers to scan around future Washington to track and locate crimes that are going to be committed very soon, which are then swiftly stopped. Now, that brings us on nicely to our Energy Projects dream team, Antonia & Conor, and although they might not be stopping crimes, they are preventing the future crime of energy waste, and helping to save the world in the process – that’s more than comparable, right? Antonia & Conor are responsible for processing and analysing huge amounts of raw data that is collected from our clients’ sites – so, saving the world vs preventing a couple of crimes? 1-0 to our analysts.

Better Reporting

As the name Minority Report suggests, reporting is actually a fairly big part of the Tom Cruise blockbuster, and guess what? It’s also a big part of the energy blockbusters that are Antonia & Conor day-to-day jobs. In Minority Report, the name of the crime’s perpetrator and victim are engraved onto two wooden balls (way to be eco-friendly guys, make it digital c’mon) and are given to Tom Cruise’s team to inevitably save the day. It works very similarly here at Businesswise too – the name of the crime (energy waste) and perp (faulty machines, maybe) is engraved (typed) onto our own wooden blocks (digital report document) – not as grandiose, we know, but we find that our clients prefer their information contained in easy to understand reports. 

More secure and less open to manipulation

Last but certainly not least, (and a spoiler alert for anyone that hasn’t seen it!) none of our reports will ever be manipulated to show wrongdoing by a corrupt member of the organisation – and that’s a Businesswise guarantee! Our reporting is quick, accurate and the best way to get a clear picture of your energy consumption. 

So, whilst the PreCogs may be instrumental in stopping crimes in near-future America, one thing they categorically cannot do is identify and track energy waste to help businesses save money on energy costs – and it just so happens that’s our analysts’ forte. So, to find out how our Energy Experts can help your business thrive in its own blockbuster, get in touch today.

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