Managing is a tough gig, there are a lot of spinning plates to keep track of and the buck stops with you if something goes wrong. Some of the most pressured managing jobs are in football, and more specifically the Premier League. The amount of money being thrown around regularly reaches the billions, and so clubs are eager to have a manager who can make them some back – by winning trophies. 

Now, energy managers may not have the glitz and glamour (or salary) of a Premier League manager, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some similarities. Ever wondered how your favourite football managers might fare as an energy manager? Well, look no further.

Pep Guardiola

This guy is an absolute perfectionist, and  won’t accept anything less than absolute efficiency. Sometimes comes across as a bit mental, but he’s always looking for that next step to cut the business’s consumption that little bit more. Spends quite a lot of money from the budget, but works for a rich business and gets the results – so they don’t mind.

Jurgen Klopp

Every stakeholder loves Jurgen, sure it might have taken him a while to fully get into the swing of the role, but boy did he get into it. He’s got his business running at maximum efficiency in a way they haven’t seen for 30 years.

Frank Lampard

Massive legend at the business, so much so, people like to forget he worked for a direct rival business up north. He’s got a load of young interns working in the team because the board couldn’t keep up with current legislations in the market. Recently made major long term moves in the energy market, having not been able to for a whole year.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Another legend in the department, but who’s only found some slight success as manager this year. People aren’t too sure about him: he’s recently recruited a new Portugese worker who’s lifted the whole business, but he also spent £80m on a project with a midland firm that doesn’t run, so the jury’s still out.

Jose Mourinho

This guy’s got a glittering career in energy management, but it has been tarnished in recent memory. Many people say he is too old fashioned and can’t keep up with new advancements in energy technology – and they might be right. Also, falls out with staff every 5 minutes.

Sean Dyche

This man is the perfect energy manager: he never spends too much, the business loves him and he constantly overachieves. Not everyone likes his management style, but not everyone has the sheer determination of this side to defy the odds – so what do they know? Also, loves pies, unrelated but still important.

Steve Bruce

 Whole business is devastated because a huge Saudi led takeover would definitely have made them the most efficient business on earth, bar none. Old Brucey is actually secretly happy it didn’t because he’d be first to go, similar energy approach to energy as Dyche, but not quite as effective – so just plain boring.

Daniel Farke

Have to feel a bit sorry for this guy, had his business running at maximum efficiency last year, only for it all to come crumbling down. Wishes he was more like Jurgen, but ultimately didn’t cut the mustard.

Want to know who manages energy far better than any Premier League manager though? The people who actually do it for a living, and as luck would have it – that’s us! Get in touch today today to see how we can help your energy bill.

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