Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through big data analytics.

Did you know that 68% of all extreme weather events that happened in the last 20 years were affected negatively by human-caused climate change?  That’s what Carbon Brief found when they conducted an ‘extreme event attribution’ study (in Layman’s terms: [...]

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True value lies in selecting a full-service energy provider and here’s why…

Managing your energy can be tough, that’s why it’s one of the many services 70% of UK businesses outsource to third parties. And for energy-intensive businesses, outsourcing their energy is a smart move, as it allows staff to [...]

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There’s no reason why your hotel can’t be sustainable…

Becoming more sustainable can save your hotel money. There, we said it. And making a hotel more sustainable can be tough – You know this, and we know this, but it doesn’t have to be! Managing a large-scale business [...]

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It’s time the manufacturing industry lost its bad rap

Let’s face it, if you work in the manufacturing industry you’ve probably got a bad rap with the perception of not being particularly sustainable, even if this isn’t necessarily true. The bottom line is that nobody wants to [...]

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How much are hidden kilowatt-hours costing your business?

You may feel like you’ve got your energy consumption under control (and maybe you have) but we’re finding many businesses aren’t aware of where all their energy is being consumed, and these hidden kilowatt-hours are costing businesses thousands. Not ideal [...]

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Embrace the shift to renewable power

There is still a misconception that renewable energy is a nice to have, but brown energy is still the cheaper and more accessible power source, that’s no longer the case… Did you know over 30% of electricity is [...]

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What should you expect from a Flexible Energy Basket?

In a previous post we discussed the benefits of flexible energy contracts, but they’re not the right option for every business. Why? Well, for one your business needs to be consuming above 10GWh of power or gas to [...]

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Understanding flexible energy contracts

Flexible energy contracts can provide businesses with substantial savings. You can actually buy forward prices up to 30% cheaper than if you were to take out a 12-month fixed energy contract. What business doesn’t like the sound of [...]

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