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Data Centres

The data centre industry is under pressure as the demand for data rises and the industry expands, making the sector one of the world’s largest power consumers.

Our energy technology and expert people specialise in assisting the data centre industry to manage and lower energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions.

Data Centres

Data Centres account for 2% of the world’s energy consumption, and large data facilities use around 40% of their energy keeping servers cool. There’s no pathway to carbon net zero without addressing the sizable energy consumption of data centres powering our increasingly digital economy. 

Findings from a recent sentiment of the Data Centres and Data Transmission Networks report in partnership with the IEA.



Whether you’re a medium or large data centre, taking the hassle out of optimising your energy buying is our priority. 

Drastically cut carbon emissions by powering your data centre with renewable energy. 

Our energy traders will work with you to choose the best contract for your business needs, whether it’s a budget certain fixed energy contract, a risk managed flexible energy contract or a flexible energy basket.

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Switching to renewable energy isn’t the only way to become more sustainable. 

A bespoke energy management solution that works with your budget and efficiency requirements, can see a significant reduction in your energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of your servers, cooling systems and uninterruptible power supplies. 

Energy Management as A Service™ (EMaaS), is a bespoke solution that lets you monitor the complex infrastructure of a data centre, review energy demand and identify behavioural change improvements to name a few areas.

Energy Savings Opportunities Report


As an energy intensive industry, data centres can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting – be it financial gains or reputational. 

Our team of energy managers and compliance experts will ensure all evidence is correct and meets the regulator requirements.

Our compliance team are experts in:

  • SECR
  • Carbon Tax Exemptions
  • ESOS
  • ESG policy and TCFD
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“When visiting The Energy Centre, we got an in-depth look into exactly how their experts trade on the energy market. We were able to talk to the traders who showed us first-hand their methods and practices, giving us the confidence to make the step into flex procurement.”

Procurement Director – Leading Communications Provider

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