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Eliminate energy waste

The world’s governments and leading brands are committing to achieving carbon net-zero over the next 20 years and this movement will soon become the norm.

Get ahead of the curve and begin your journey towards net-zero and eliminate your energy waste.

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We help businesses build a cohesive energy plan, helping them to eliminate energy waste as part of a wider net-zero challenge.

Underpinned by technology

Our technology can help businesses to visualise their energy cost and consumption, and measure carbon across all areas of their business in one intuitive platform, fed by millions of data points. 

Our clients benefit from one of the largest banks of energy data, and intelligent tools powering expert analysis, automated project tracking and jargon-free reporting to take their energy to the next level and eliminate energy waste.

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Powered by people

Our experienced people are highly motivated to carry out our mission of helping businesses to reduce energy consumption and eliminate energy waste.

They become aligned to your team, and their knowledge and experience ensures that all activity is carried out in the best way to achieve business goals around a central vision of ensuring that every unit of business energy is used purposefully.

Solutions to ensure you win

Our solutions are based on years of fine-tuning to ensure that they deliver the best performance and outcomes for your business:

“Using Businesswise’s EMaaS has been the next step our company needed, it’s allowed us to track and visualise our energy waste in a way we haven’t seen before. Having access to this tangible data has meant we have made savings of 10% on our initial projects, and plan to use EMaaS for all projects in the future.”

Jon Ainley, Operations Director

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EMaaS can help your business to identify and eliminate energy waste, saving your business up to 20% of energy costs and reducing carbon emissions at the same time. Start a conversation today to find out more

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