EMaaS Software

Our suite of EMaaS software will become the go-to tool for those detail orientated who will wonder how they ever managed without it. Any internal stakeholders with access will be able to see consumption patterns alongside top level energy management information.

Benefits of EMaaS Software

Convenient 24/7 access to your energy data and performance from anywhere.

Ability to drill down from portfolio, to individual site and look at custom data ranges.

Make data-driven decisions using real energy data to justify investments for greater ROI.

Understand your energy footprint with real-time, device-level monitoring.

myenergyManager portal screens


The myenergyManager portal gives you the insight you need to visualise and eliminate waste, reducing both costs and carbon emission.

Our advanced cloud based software provides easy access to your energy data through easy to use and understand digital dashboards. Created by energy experts who understand the management challenges businesses face.

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PowerRadar devices


PowerRadar is a comprehensive energy management software platform that provides businesses with the ability to monitor energy performance at the asset level.

By visualising asset level performance, PowerRadar helps businesses turn energy into a competitive asset and plays a critical role in their energy strategy. Its advanced data analysis capabilities provide detailed insights that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

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