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Auditing & Analysis

Get under the skin of your energy consumption

Getting to grips with energy auditing and analysis might seem challenging, but to us, it’s a daily passion. Mining data, analysing for trends, and using context to help tell a story, that’s where we add significant value.

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Our team of expert energy analysts interrogate your energy consumption and cost data, to help you reduce costs, eliminate energy waste, and reduce carbon.

Our Auditing and Analysis clients benefit from:

  • Clearer information for better decision making

  • Peace of mind and purposeful energy consumption

  • Error free invoicing

  • Recovered overcharges

  • Reduced costs

Auditing and Analysing

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Site Audit

Site Audit

When you need to know how much energy your business is using and where, our full site energy audits can provide a comprehensive picture of your current spend:

  • Assess your electricity and gas consumption in the context of your site DNA

  • Simple, jargon free recommendations

  • Create an energy saving plan

  • Introduce energy saving measures

  • Regular energy efficiency and regulation reviews

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NEW – Virtual Site Audit

We can now offer businesses an easy, friction-free and digital alternative to the traditional site audit.

Our analysts and engineers still gather intelligence to build up a picture of your energy waste, building performance & equipment/asset performance and the insight is still used to make recommendations of key projects and changes to controls to will unlock value and improve environmental conditions.

The difference is the entire client-energy expert interaction is done virtually, streamlining the process and also eliminating the risk of COVID19 for clients and our engineers.

To learn more about the Virtual Site Audit, download the infosheet.

Virtual Site Audit
Desktop Audit

Desktop Audit

Never underestimate the power of your data. Without even stepping foot on site or requiring any of your time or input, our process regularly finds upwards 20% of total energy costs that can be challenged.

Using data provided by your energy supplier(s), our desktop audit converts raw data into actionable insights:

  • Crystal clear visualisations of your energy data

  • Expert commentary highlights key opportunities

  • Validated data – gives you confidence to make business decisions

  • Fully managed service – no input from you or your team

  • Simple PDF report output with optional printed copies to promote opportunities within your business

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£250,000 saving

We saved Europe’s leading textile manufacturer £250,000 over 5 years by exempting them from a major tax.

Live Bill Validation

Live Bill Validation

Only pay for the energy that you’ve used. Our team uses the latest software to analyse invoices and check for inaccuracies in real time, but we don’t just rely on the technology. Our team are experts at spotting errors that machines can’t process.

We carry out over 125 checks on every invoice and keep a query log which is used to challenge suppliers and manage rebates, refunds or demand invoices to be reissued. In return, you get:

  • Reduced billing inaccuracies and errors picked up early

  • Reclaim overpayments against future invoices or recieve refunds

  • Access to the query log in real time

  • Monthly/quarterly reporting to show invoices validated, inaccuracies identified, overcharges recovered, and return on investment

  • Fully managed service with no input required from you or your team

  • Dedicated billing analyst with an understanding of your account

Historic Audits

We know our way around an energy bill, this means that we can spot mistakes that others might miss.

Even if you have had invoices checked in the past, our historic audits have been known to unlock thousands of pounds of spare cashflow back into clients businesses, ensuring that only the energy used is paid for. 

  • Comprehensive forensic accounting audit

  • No risk approach if there are no refunds or claims available then you don’t pay a penny

  • Fully managed claims process, no input required from you or your team throughout the process

  • Future costs mitigated and rates negotiated with suppliers on 3rd party charges

Historic Audits
3rd Party Charge Audit

3rd Party Charge Audit

Your energy bills are complex and can differ depending on industry, geography and demand. Your businesses may be significantly over paying on energy bills if 

Our energy experts can help reduce your bills through:

  • Eligibility audit including forensic approach which searches for non obvious opportunities

  • Advice and management of changes required to meet requirements and ongoing monitoring/alerts should circumstances change

  • Measurement and verification of reduction on relevant elements of the bill

  • Historic refunds on appropriate charges

  • Zero risk approach – you don’t pay a penny for unsuccessful submissions

More solutions to ensure you win

Our solutions are based on years of fine-tuning to ensure that they deliver the best performance and outcomes for your business:

Our Energy-Management-as-a-Service (EMaaS) solution utilises a number of Auditing & Analysis products to help identify and eliminate energy waste. Start a conversation today to find out more.

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