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Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) are being urged to claim their share of a multi-million pound compensation package following approval from the EU.

Energy Intensive Industries (EII) have long argued that the environmental taxes they pay impose a financial burden not suffered by their international counterparts.  As such, they pose a threat to the UK’s competitiveness in manufacturing and we’re certain that the compensation announcement comes as welcome news to your own high energy use business
The Government has a duty to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. To help reach this figure, businesses are being incentivised to generate electricity from renewable sources.

Unsure if your business is eligible? Download our EII brochure to see the list of eligible sectors >>>

energy intensive industires

Recover up to 20% of your electricity spend

We secured one client an annual saving of £344k

Claims cannot be back-dated, each day you delay costs money

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