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Energy audits
Efficiency programmes
Compliance & Legislation

Using a wealth of energy compliance and legislation knowledge, we can guide you through best practice to help keep your business one step ahead of the competition.

Our approach

Understanding your business’ energy consumption is a complicated process that requires a strong understanding of the energy market. Our team of expert analysts analyse your energy consumption – pulling out all aspects that need reassessment – to create a plan that is customised to reduce your energy use.

We continually monitor your energy use from the data we gather in our bespoke UTILITYi database. We understand the market and track all its fluctuations to be able to advise you on when to buy and which energy to invest in. By getting to know your business thoroughly, we will implement energy saving processes, that keep cost down and ensures compliance with necessary energy reducing regulations and legislation.

Energy audits and efficiency programmes

Energy audits

When you need to know how much energy your business is using and where, our full site energy audits will provide a comprehensive picture of your current spend. 

  • Assess your electricity and gas consumption, enabling us to make recommendations as to change

  • Set up an energy saving plan and help you put it into action

  • Introduce energy saving measures in order to bring down consumption

  • Provide regular energy efficiency and regulation reviews

Efficiency programmes

We are committed to helping businesses reduce energy spend and become greener in the process. In light of growing pressure to reduce emissions, there are various renewable energy solutions and government incentives  available, making it increasingly easier for businesses to go green.

We will work with your business to assess current energy spend and determine how you can meet your renewable energy targets.

  • Behavioural change projects

  • Renewable and storage technology opportunities and investments

  • Businesswise technology centre

  • Sub-metering and data systems

  • LED projects

  • New build design support

“Businesswise Solutions presented a welcome solution for the business; a young, innovative company, which had the expertise required and systems which would ensure billing ease and accuracy at all times.”

Chris Hughes, senior associate director, Matthews & Goodman

Compliance & legislation

With increasing energy reduction legislation and regulations in force requiring compliance, we can identify which requirements you must meet and guide you through the process to ensure you are fully compliant.

Expertise to support:

  • ESOS

  • Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

  • DCP161

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)

  •  ISO14001 

  • ISO50001

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