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Fixed purchasing
Flexible purchasing
Flex basket

Our team of expert traders take time to understand the workings of your business, your budgetary requirements and appetite for risk.

Our approach

We take a strategic approach to energy buying in a volatile and continually fluctuating market, offering you a customised solution to your business needs to ensure we help you save as much as possible.

  • Analyse your existing energy portfolio

  • Look into your historic purchasing strategies

  • Understand your overall business objectives

  • Identify your need for stability and budget certainty
    against your appetite for flexibility and risk

Collecting this information is vital for us to accurately assess your energy needs and make clear recommendations as to which procurement option is the right fit for your business.

No matter which approach you choose, we are with you every step of way; by brokering the best supplier deals, negotiating agreeable contract terms, updating and advising you on which options are most favourable.

Your purchasing options

Fixed purchasing

If budget certainty tops your list of priorities, our fixed product is without doubt the safest option. Fixed purchasing protects your business from increases in the market; the price you agree when signing the contract is exactly what you pay throughout the life of the contract.

Your appetite for risk
Your budget certainty

Opting for a fixed contract enables you to plan your future energy spend, and, as one of the easiest energy procurement methods to manage it means minimal administrative burdens.

Fixed rate contracts can still offer good value for money if you enter the marketplace at the right time; which is where our expertise is utilised. We will advise you on the best time to purchase your contract, ensuring you are saving as much as possible.

flex energy basket

Flexible purchasing

Our strategic flex supply contracts enable you to minimise the risk of energy procurement by purchasing in small amounts at optimum times and is a popular option among large energy use organisations.

  • Greater flexibility as to when and how much you purchase throughout the life of the contract

  • Real time monitoring of the market’s highs and lows from our trading desk

  • Continual market intelligence analysis enabling us to produce an informed picture of the current and future energy market

We use this data intelligence to identity when you can take advantage of drops in market prices throughout the life of the contract, ensuring you always purchase at the lowest possible price.

“Businesswise is a trusted partner, who looks after our full portfolio and helps guide us through the minefield of energy procurement and management.”

Colin Bell, Director of Procurement, Daisy Group

Flex basket

Our flex basket energy buying aggregates customers with lower energy requirements into a group buy-in, which helps to push down energy costs for everyone in the basket. It is ideal for consumers wanting to benefit from the potential savings of a flexible contract, but who do not normally consume enough energy to command flexible energy procurement deals on their own.

  • Pools your consumption volume with other businesses to achieve a buying strategy that is right for you, while you remain independent and only pay the charges for your sites

  • Allows you to choose the source of your energy. So if you would like to know the wind turbine your energy is sourced from, this is a possibility

  • Has the flexibility to pass through or fix non-commodity charges depending on your requirements.

  • Takes the hassle out of managing and purchasing your own energy

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