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Bill validation
Historical audits
Site works

Our team of energy analysts offer a suite of bureau services tailored to your specific business needs.

Our approach

We know how tiring it is to keep abreast of your utilities – from managing your energy portfolio to handling wrongly estimated bills and incorrect tariffs. We offer a leading energy management bureau service that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs. We will assess every energy consuming aspect of your business – from renewable energy charges to wholesale prices and everything in between.

  • Leading energy management bureau service that is specifically tailored to you

  • Audit of every energy-consuming aspect of your business 

  • Continual monitoring and tracking of site data

  • Reporting on information arising from energy spikes and billing inaccuracies

Collecting and analysing data underpins all that we do

Bill validation

Millions of consumers end up overpaying for their energy due to mistakes brought on by wrongly estimated bills, meter faults and incorrect contract charges.

Understanding energy bills is a time-consuming and difficult process, and as such, inaccuracies can easily occur

  • Carry out complete bill validation service

  • Ensure favourable rates with suppliers and that you only pay for the energy your business consumes

  • Ensure past billing errors are checked and corrected where necessary

Historical bill audits

Your bills are complex and cumbersome, comprising of several aspects such as third-party charges (meter operators, distributor network operators, environmental taxes), and so on. This makes reviewing past bills for potential overcharging difficult and time-consuming.

  • Conduct a comprehensive historical bill audit on your behalf

  • Checking for errors and support in gaining any refund owed

  • Advise on internal measures to reduce the risk of future errors

And as our energy management service includes continual monitoring, you can remain confident that we will promptly address any future inaccuracies.


Our bespoke, online energy management portal is designed to help you take complete control of your business’ energy spend.

Our portal enables you to:

  • View energy consumption reports to compare year-on-year patterns

  • Receive alerts for energy spikes

  • Gain instant access to cost and consumption data for all sites

  • View each and every site within the portfolio to compare efficiency


Our benchmarking, cost and consumption reports will break down your entire operation’s energy use into a clear overview.

We measure consumption patterns to work out where your cost drivers lie, right down to cost per square footage.

We provide regular benchmarking reports to highlight any spikes or anomalies, ensuring you can remain on top of your energy costs.

“Not only have Businesswise helped consolidate our supply chain, they have provided us with a much more streamlined process for the future as more sites come on board.”

Rebecca Noon, Facilities Manager, AO.com

Site works

As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important, we work with clients to facilitate metering for all sites, providing access to the data necessary to implement energy saving measures. Our dedicated Site Works and Metering team provide a comprehensive end-to-end service from quoting and planning through to installation of connections.

  • Meter connections/installations

  • Upgrading/downgrading existing meter supplies

  • MOP/DC contract management

  • kVA increases/decreases or relocation of service and meters

We liaise with distribution networks, suppliers and meter operators overseeing cable, pipes and meter installation as well as liaising with clients and project managers.

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