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Carbon Net Zero & Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) 

Businesses are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions, with Government targets, supply chain pressures and consumers all playing a part. We can add value to your net-zero journey through the visualisation and context of your current situation, and identifying the path and actions you will need to take.

Through energy management, renewable energy & dedicated energy experts we help businesses support their ESG obligations and carbon management strategies.

What’s driving companies to set a Net Zero target?

Mandatory Reporting

Government Policy

Customer Attitudes

Climate Change

Cost Reduction


Thinking and acting on ESG concerns in a proactive way is becoming more pressing and a strong ESG proposition can safeguard a company’s long-term success.

What is ESG? Rather than only looking at financial performance, businesses are now having to measure, report and improve their environmental footprint, their social impact, and how they govern themselves. These areas are now under the scrutiny of an investor, stakeholder, and consumer population which is demanding better businesses.

One of the biggest challenges over the next 15 years is how businesses are going to transition to carbon net zero, and this is where we can help.

ESG Wheel

Energy is typically the largest indirect cost most businesses face and features in multiple areas within a standard ESG framework.

Carbon Net Zero


Our experts work with businesses across all sectors on their carbon net zero journeys, helping identify and implement strategies to meet their environmental responsibilities.

Through our products and services, your business can improve energy consumption with a bespoke energy management solution, reduce carbon emissions with renewable energy contracts, implement carbon offsetting projects and more.

We also assist clients with mandatory reporting that’s also driving businesses to set Net Zero targets. SECR requires circa 12000 UK companies to disclose information about their energy consumption and carbon emissions. TCFD has been created to improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information.


Understand current scope 1 & 2 emissions

Create tangible plans to reduce or eliminate scope 1 & 2 emissions

Audit supply and value chain to measure scope 3 emissions

Put policies and incentives in place to reduce scope 3 emissions

Offset scope 1,2, and 3 emissions using suitable accredited schemes

​​We work with you to get compliance right and embed sustainable practices. You can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting, while our energy managers and compliance experts ensure you meet the regulator requirements.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Companies that meet the government’s defined criteria now have to report on carbon emission and energy use. This has to be published as part of statutory accounts, in effect, making energy consumption and steps being taken to reduce carbon emissions from energy publicly available.

We can help you meet this mandatory obligation and help you to identify opportunities to reduce emissions and costs in the process. We do this by combining our state of the art platform with expert knowledge and insight.

  • Capture energy data and convert into carbon

  • Log energy saving measures being taken and track the direct impact of these

  • Produce annual reports in the required format

  • Set up and monitor a robust programme of carbon reduction

myenergyManager portal - manage projects
Net zero and EMaaS

Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

The Climate Change Agreement (CCA) is a voluntary, UK government energy efficiency scheme. Participants in the scheme receive a discount on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) in exchange for agreeing to work towards energy efficiency improvement and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction targets.

We specialise in supporting businesses who have committed to the CCA scheme achieve their goals and our technology platform helps us do this.

  • Best in breed technology makes the task of understanding your carbon emissions easy

  • Review performance against goals in an easy to understand format

  • Deep dive analytics help you to understand exactly where you can make further carbon emission savings

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme

ESOS is a mandatory reporting scheme. Qualifying organisations are required to carry out an ESOS assessment every 4 years, to identify cost-effective energy saving measures of their buildings, industrial processes and transport endeavours.

  • Insight into opportunities to save energy

  • Board level visibility and sign off

  • Simple to digest findings and recommendations

Want to know what your scope 1 & 2 emissions from utilities are?

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Businesswise Solutions talk you through the whole energy market. Not only are they our energy broker but they act as our energy consultant and advise us on understanding our carbon footprint. By 2022 Businesswise Solutions will have helped us reduce our carbon footprint by between 20-30%.”

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