Furniture Manufacturers Sentiment of the Sector and the Road to Net Zero – a report in partnership with the BFM association

Businesswise Solutions in partnership with the BFM is creating a ‘Sentiment of the Sector’ report that will gain insight into the current and future state of British furniture manufacturing.

British Furniture Manufacturing

Insight Round Tables

The report will evaluate the current confidence within the sector, the impact of COVID19 and Brexit and how the sector is navigating the road to net-zero.

Insight will be collected from two virtual round tables held in March.

Findings will then be presented in the very first report which will be available to the public in May 2021.

Key Topics/Themes

  • Current confidence within the furniture manufacturing sector

  • COVID19 impact on the sector

  • Brexit impact on the sector

  • Other macro trends affecting the sector

  • Road to Net Zero – what the sector will need to consider

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Chris Maguire

Chris Maguire – Host

Founder, iMeg Partnership

Nick Garratt - MD - British Furniture Manufacturers

Nick Garratt

Managing Director, British Furniture Manufacturers Association

Mike Dimon British Furniture Manufacturers

Mike Dimond

Employment & Membership Affairs Director

Frazer Durris

CEO, Businesswise Solutions

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