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Hotel & Serviced Apartments

Hoteliers and serviced apartments face increasing pressure to make a significant impact on their sustainability journey since the energy usage of the sector has increased by 49% since 2000.

Our expert people and solutions help the hospitality sector work towards a Net Zero future.


Businesswise Solutions is a founding member of the Energy & Environment Alliance, supporting the hospitality industry to become a greener, more sustainable sector.

Energy & Environment Alliance
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Green Energy Procurement


An intelligent step towards carbon net zero is to power your hotels or serviced apartments with clean renewable energy. 

Our expert traders have years of industry experience in selecting the best renewable energy contract for your portfolio’s requirements, whatever the size. 

Whether you select a fixed contract for budget certainty, or a risk managed flexible energy contract or flexible energy basket, our traders will support you throughout the process.

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Bespoke Energy Management


Switching to renewable energy isn’t the only way the hospitality sector can become more sustainable. 

A bespoke energy management solution that works with your budget and efficiency requirements, can see a significant reduction in your energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, right down to individual room or apartment level. 

General Hotel managers and Estates managers benefit from our monitoring solution, letting you monitor site, floor and even room performance, review energy demand and identify behavioural change improvements to name a few areas. Explore Energy Management as A Service™ (EMaaS) solution for more information.

Carbon Management and Reporting


Hotel collections and serviced apartments can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting – be it financial benefits or reputational. Our team of energy managers and compliance experts will ensure all evidence is correct and meets the regulator requirements.

Our compliance team are experts in:

  • SECR
  • CCA / CCL
  • ESOS
  • ESG policy
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“After talking to Businesswise’s experts and seeing the technology in action we were confident their offering would give us the visibility needed to reduce our energy consumption and carbon output, without impacting on service excellence and the unique guest experience we pride ourselves in providing.”

Managing Director – International Boutique Hotel Chain

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