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We have built a strong team of people who are ambitious and hard-wired for success.

Together, we are invested in customer outcomes; always seeking out continuous improvements in order to deliver market-leading solutions.

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Our leadership team are passionate about delivering technologically advanced solutions combined with market leading service

Frazer Durris
Frazer DurrisChief Executive Officer

Frazer is a successful business leader and strategic thinker with a strong focus on building and maintaining a leadership team that drives continuous improvements in delivering smarter energy procurement and management strategies for leading UK businesses across a wide range of sectors.

He is passionate about Lancashire and the important part it plays in the wider UK economy as well as in the Northern Powerhouse and a keen supporter of enterprise and entrepreneurship, championing local talent and lending support to community initiatives/charities.

Dean Cockett
Dean CockettChief Sales Officer

Dean is instrumental in the organic growth of Businesswise Solutions, leading on customer acquisition strategies, ensuring smooth onboarding and managing ongoing client relationships.

Driven by identifying and communicating where Businesswise Solutions are able to add value to a clients energy management strategies, Dean relishes the challenge of finding new opportunities to help organisations reduce energy costs, consumption and carbon.

James Hartley
James HartleyChief Operating Officer

James has overall responsibility for client success at Businesswise Solutions and takes the lead on energy trading, energy projects, auditing, analysis and reporting.

With a background in commercial finance, James understands the pressures that clients face and uses this insight to setup client delivery teams that are capable of solving and managing complex energy challenges.

Catherine Durris
Catherine DurrisChief Financial Officer

Catherine is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction at Businesswise Solutions, as well as taking the lead on our people initiatives and human resources.

Within her finance remit, the main objectives are around ensuring that teams have the available resources to fuel growth and ensure customer success whilst maintaining complete control over income, expenditure and cashflow.

David Ford
David FordChief Technology Officer

David is responsible for Businesswise Solutions technology strategy and plays a key role in leading the energy industry by driving new initiatives. David’s team is constantly working to simplify energy data to draw meaningful insight.

An Oxford graduate with a track record within the energy industry, David brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, and also contributes strategic insight into the longer term Businesswise Solutions company roadmap.

Paul Scarborough
Paul ScarboroughChief Marketing Officer

Paul is responsible for the demand generation programmes at Businesswise Solutions, and leads Marketing, Business Development and Data teams to ensure that we effectively communicate value to prospective customers and create demand for our solutions.

His approach to personal development within the teams managed places much emphasis on training, coaching and nurturing talent to ensure long term sustainable personal growth.

Peter Catlow
Peter CatlowDirector of Sustainability

Peter is responsible for identifying new channel opportunities to share the word about Businesswise Solutions success amongst local and national networking bases.

Peter brings over 40 years experience in the automotive manufacturing industry to Businesswise Solutions and his storytelling abilities sees him often taking the stage and captivating audiences with his unique linkage of his 40 years experience, the transition that he himself has witnessed and the value adding solutions that Businesswise Solutions can deliver.

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