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Monitoring & Visualisation

What you can visualise you can realise

You cannot always challenge what you cannot see, that’s why being able to visualise your energy consumption and cost will always bring a different perspective to how you can reach your business energy goals. Visualise your energy, identify your waste.

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With the latest in energy management technology, we can capture what is happening with energy consumption and cost and translate this into easy to understand dashboards and management reports.

Our Energy Monitoring and Visualisation clients benefit from:

  • Seeing energy consumption in real time

  • Identifying where waste occurs

  • Drill-down to asset level or zone

  • Real time notifications help to identify and fix costly errors quickly

  • Tracking improvements against plans, forecasts and targets

Energy Monitoring and Visualisation

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Digital Energy Management Platform

No business that significantly consumes energy will ever be able to measure, visualise and manage their journey to carbon net-zero without our Digital Energy Management Platform.

  • Visualise energy consumption across different periods and at different intervals

  • Reports on site and user behaviours

  • Identifies device consumption trends

  • Identifies time of use consumption patterns

  • Provides the latest energy management technologies without CAPEX

  • Provides evidence of efficacy for future investment

  • Builds the foundations for a pathway to net zero carbon

  • Gathers all your energy data into one easy to use tool

Asset Level Monitoring (Energy insights)

When you need to know where energy is being consumed, sensor technology could be the answer. We use the latest technology to measure in real time when, where and how much energy is being used.

  • Simple to install – any electrician will be capable of installing

  • Non Invasive – no hard wiring required

  • Real time data transfer

  • No maintenance required

  • Subscription model – no CAPEX required

  • Businesswise support during install and setup

  • Reduce business risk – Avoid costly downtime and extend the life of your equipment, identify inefficiencies and wastage

  • Access to the data straight away, with portal accounts live within hours of the install

  • Portal access gives 24/7 access to information

Asset Level Monitoring

“Energy management is very important for us as a large airport hotel with unusual consumption patterns, and the Businesswise technology platform provides us with data and cost information in a different way than we’ve seen before. This enables us to focus on quick wins and calculate investment decisions.”

Alerts and Alarms

Alerts & Alarms

Why wait until you receive your next bill to find costly problems to fix. Get alerted as soon as conspicuous consumption occurs.

  • Load operating hours and expected patterns

  • Machine learning builds up patterns of expected consumption

  • Set unique tolerances for exceptions on particular curcuits or assets

  • Rule based alerts and alarms for actual consumption outside the accepted tolerances

  • Choice of communication method

  • Escalation of alerts if anomalies are not dealt with

More solutions to ensure you win

Our solutions are based on years of fine-tuning to ensure that they deliver the best performance and outcomes for your business:

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