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Whether you want to take Net Zero to the board or need to boost your sustainability communications, we have created resource packs to help you on your journey.

Net Zero Communication Pack Resources

Working towards Net Zero can provide many benefits to your company and help you stand out. Here are a few reasons why businesses are making Net Zero a priority.

Meet Sustainability Reporting Requirements

  • Meet growing sustainability reporting requirements.

  • Respond to mandatory and voluntary rules and guidelines.

  • Stay ahead of issue-based regulations and guidance.

Create a Case for

  • Use sustainability communications to drive change.

  • Engage employees in your sustainability strategy.

Activate Your

  • Build or improve your company’s reputation.

  • Maintain your license to operate.

  • Proactively manage customers’ perceptions.

Reduce Risks and Exploit Opportunities

  • Meet investors’ evolving expectations.

  • Showcase your response to social and environmental risks and opportunities.

What’s included in the Net Zero Board Pack?

For a business to successfully work towards Net Zero, it needs to be driven from the top. Net Zero commitments need to be incorporated into a company’s strategy, and directors should ensure that it is as part of their responsibilities. First and foremost, the key to a successful Net Zero strategy is to understand the feasibility of Net Zero and move forward with actions. The Net Zero Board Pack provides resources to determine your current position, plan and measure actions, and create a step-by-step roadmap to start you on the right path.

Our Net Zero Board Pack resources will help you:

  • Determine your current position and where you want to be on the scale to Net Zero.

  • Understand the steps you need to make to plan, measure, take action and communicate Net Zero initiatives.

  • Start on the right path with a step by step road map.

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What’s included in the Net Zero Communications Pack?

Net Zero Communications Pack Internal Engagement

The Net Zero Communications Pack is a valuable resource for businesses looking to effectively communicate their Net Zero strategy, targets and achievements both internally and externally. The pack includes internal and external engagement resources to help businesses build a successful sustainability team, create an internal Net Zero communications plan, and align their messaging with their business values and stakeholders.

Our Net Zero internal engagement resources will help you:

  • Internal engagement resources to create an internal Net Zero communications plan and build a successful sustainability team.

  • Ready-made educational information to share with all internal stakeholders.

  • External engagement resources to create an external comms process and quickly craft a variety of positioning statements.

  • Assistance in aligning Net Zero messaging with business values and stakeholders.

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Businesswise Solutions Net Zero Consultants

Who are Businesswise Solutions?

We’re an energy management consultancy that works with a wide range of companies helping them to cut carbon emissions and achieve their Net Zero and sustainability commitments. We help organisations achieve Net Zero by combining technology and consulting hours to create a Net Zero solution that meets any budget.

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