Project Description

Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort

Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort, based in Burnley has boosted its environmental credentials to become a greener company by signing a new, more sustainable energy contract as part of energy partner Businesswise Solutions’ Renewable Energy Basket.

October last year saw Crow Wood open its £13m luxury hotel and with the expansion of its existing site, sustainability has become a top priority as it focuses not only on the health of its guests but the health of the environment.

With the help of energy partner, Businesswise Solutions, Crow Wood has signed a new energy contract that puts them on 100% renewable energy until 2024 which includes its entire estate – hotel, spa and leisure facilities.

The directors at Crow Wood wanted to move their entire portfolio to renewable energy, and the Businesswise team of traders supported Crow Wood through-out the process to successfully tender a renewable contract which benefited the luxury hotel and spa.

 Crow Wood Director, Oliver Brown said:

‘We have long focused on driving energy initiatives, so it was great to visit Businesswise and see what they have created at The Energy Centre. It really takes you on a journey, it’s a well-designed and interactive look into the world of energy – past, present and future. It showed us that Businesswise know their stuff and how our business could make a smooth transition to using renewable energy. 

It was important for us to work with an experienced partner that understands our needs and can deliver products which not only benefit the environment but also our business.’

 Businesswise Solutions CEO, Frazer Durris adds: 

 ‘It’s been great to work with Crow Wood, Andrew & Oliver Brown and the rest of their team have created an amazing venue for the region and they continue to invest in it. 

 We look forward to continuing our partnership with Crow Wood and working together on energy projects in the future.’