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Graham & Brown Case Study

The Situation

Established in 1946, Blackburn based iconic wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown employs over 500 people worldwide and has ambitious plans to reduce their environmental impact. They were one of the first manufacturers to change to water-based inks and the first FCS accredited wallpaper manufacturers. Today, they still ensure that for every tree cut down for the purpose of their supply chain, three trees are planted in its place.

Reducing their carbon footprint as part of their overall sustainability strategy is of great importance for this energy intensive manufacturer. When reviewing their energy policy they saw an opportunity to partner with someone who could really help them get traction. After a full review of the market, they chose Businesswise Solutions to help them deliver their ambitious plans.

Our Solution

After learning about Graham & Brown’s challenges and understanding their passion for the environment, Businesswise’s Energy Management Team worked closely with their internal sustainability team, exploring carbon reduction and energy saving opportunities.

As part of Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS), sensors were installed at the Blackburn site, allowing Businesswise Solutions to present back to Graham & Brown a detailed breakdown of energy usage, to the point of being able to identify how much energy it takes to make each roll of wallpaper. This allowed Businesswise and Graham & Brown’s management team to agree on a series of energy reduction projects at the site. 

As well as implementing energy reduction projects, Businesswise Solutions’ expert energy traders considered all of Graham & Brown’s priorities and secured a 100% renewable energy contract to commence in 2022. Meaning all electricity powering the Blackburn site will be wind-generated.

Client Success

From 2022 Graham & Brown will reduce their carbon footprint significantly eradicating an estimated 2214 tonnes CO2, all thanks to the switch to a 100% renewable electricity contract. 

In addition to this, to date our Energy Management Team has identified what will equate to around £140,000 worth of potential waste within their electricity and gas usage. The energy waste, if eradicated, would result in a further reduction of 97.5 tonnes CO2. Further cementing Graham & Brown as leaders in the sustainability movement.