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Project feasibility & Management

Don’t allow choice to cripple decision making when it comes to energy.

Being able to understand the feasibility and attractiveness of the energy investment opportunities, prioritise based on payback or impact and then manage the promised return to reality is the foundation to any successful energy project. Get clarity in your energy journey

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Whether you’re looking to reduce operating costs, impact energy waste, or introduce your own energy generation or storage project, we can support you every step of the way.

Our Project Feasibility and Management clients benefit from:

  • Clarity of the opportunities available

  • Full picture of investment, impact, ROI and payback

  • Scoped and planned activity plans for project rollout

  • Tracking of benefits against projected outcomes

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Equipment and Plant Investment

Equipment and Plant Investment

Add more depth to your investment case, understand the full impact of your investment opportunities and track the energy related savings against the projected outcomes.

  • Build up a more accurate ROI using advanced feasibility assessments

  • Select the investments that deliver the best return by comparing technologies or initiatives against each other

  • Ensure value for your investment by benchmarking ROI against like for like projects

  • Manage your return on investment with real time monitoring post installation to ensure your asset is delivering

Energy Generation and Storage Feasibility

Energy technology is evolving at pace, invest in what makes a difference. Understand which investments stack up, and which ones don’t. Our energy technology can match your consumption patterns, contracted rates and current charging methodologies with technologies that will improve your energy position.

  • Covers all types of on site energy generation and storage

  • Recommendations report with investment cases which include investment, impact, ROI and payback details

  • Fully managed service with minimal input from you and your team

  • Factors in potential from revenue generating schemes, such as demand side response

  • Manage your return on investment with real time monitoring to ensure your project is delivering on its promise

Energy Generation

New electricity meter installed within 10 days for £13m luxury hotel.

A £13m hotel and spa project had a strict October opening deadline. A misunderstanding between the contractor and the client left them without the new electricity meter needed. The SLA on new installs from suppliers was 6/8 weeks but the client needed it in 2 weeks for work to proceed. Our tenacious approach ensured the meter was fitted within the client’s tight timescales and meant work could continue as planned, giving one clear cost across the business.

Behavioural Change Programmes

Behavioural Change Programmes

Changing hearts and minds can unlock valuable kilowatt hours and improve your energy position. With your team firmly behind your energy vision, they can help you reach your goal, the trick is unlocking the potential hidden within. Our team can help you:

  • Identify the areas that will have the biggest impact and set targets and goals

  • Select key promoters, sponsors and internal influencers

  • Launch initiatives

  • Measure success against targets and goals and track

Siteworks and Meter Management

Take control of your meters and associated costs. Our dedicated Site Works and Meter Management team provide a comprehensive end-to-end service from quoting and planning through to installation of connections. We liaise with distribution networks, suppliers and meter operators overseeing cable, pipes and meter installation as well as liaising with clients and project managers.

  • Meter connections/installations

  • Upgrading/downgrading existing meter supplies

  • MOP/DCDA contract negotiation and management 

  • kVA increases/decreases or relocation of service and meters

Siteworks and Meter Management

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Our solutions are based on years of fine-tuning to ensure that they deliver the best performance and outcomes for your business:

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