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The two major sources of emissions in Property Management are the operational emissions associated with energy use, and the Scope 3 emissions of the materials used in the development, refurbishment and maintenance of a building. While the sector is making strides towards carbon reduction, contributing to the government’s target of a carbon net zero by 2050, the reality is that the sector consumes more than 40% of global energy annually.

Our energy technology and expert people work with property management firms to manage and reduce their energy consumption, cost, and carbon emissions.

​​23% of the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from buildings and they are also responsible for 59% of the UK’s electricity consumption – Climate Change Committee


An intelligent step towards carbon net zero is to power your property portfolio with clean renewable energy. 

Whether your managed commercial properties are retail outlets, office and business spaces, or industrial facilities our expert traders have years of industry experience in selecting the best renewable energy contract for your portfolio’s requirements. 

Whether you select a fixed contract for budget certainty, or a risk managed flexible energy contract or flexible energy basket, our traders will support you throughout the process.

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Businesswise Solutions Energy Control Centre


To reduce energy demand in line with Net Zero expectations and to balance the grid demand with the rest of the market, buildings need to be more precise and less wasteful with their energy.

A bespoke energy management solution that works with your budget and efficiency requirements, can see a significant reduction in your energy consumption and increase your portfolio’s energy efficiency. 

Our monitoring solution lets you monitor property performance, review energy demand and identify behavioural change improvements to name a few areas. Explore Energy Management as a Service™ (EMaaS) solution for more information.


Commerical property management businesses can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting – be it financial gains or reputational. 

Our team of energy managers and compliance experts will ensure all evidence is correct and meets the regulator requirements.

Our compliance team are experts in:

  • SECR 
  • ESOS
  • ESG policy
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Energy Savings Opportunities Report

“Having a tour around the Energy Centre and seeing the different energy-saving technology on show was an eye-opener. As property managers of large portfolios it really showed us how much our portfolio businesses could profit from making energy efficiency a top priority.”

Property & Asset Manager – Leading Specialist Commercial Property Consultancy

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