Helping the hospitality sector control energy costs and stay competitive

We’re helping hoteliers revolutionise their energy management strategies through sophisticated use of new technology and big data solutions.

Hospitality businesses could well be reducing energy costs by up to 25% if they implement a joined-up purchasing, management and energy efficiency strategy.

Having a data driven, strategic plan in place, hoteliers can enjoy huge gains, particularly when helping to centralise data for group purchasing and management.

Our hospitality services

  • Turn risk into opportunity

  • Ensure an integrated approach

  • Highlight billing anomalies

  • Validate historic bills

  • Advise on group purchasing

  • Ensure energy is discussed at board level

  • Support the use of new, advanced technologies

Case study: The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

Case study: The Lowry Hotel

Late 2016 position

  • Rapidly rising prices
  • Poor visibility of future prices and consumption patterns
  • No clear energy improvement program in place

Action plan

  • Develop procurement strategy
  • Comprehensive energy audit and energy improvement programme
  • Plan developed with project team led by Lowry’s Head of Engineering
  • Arrange joining of group purchasing energy basket
  • Moved them to flex purchasing strategy
  • LED programme of works
  • Sub-metering fitted
  • Assistance with VSD project
  • Assistance in rollout of green strategy

The Results

  • Visibility of future costs, taxes and levys
  • Plan in place to address rising costs and create a centre of excellence
  • 10% reduction in energy use by October ‘17
  • Rapid payback projects including variable speed drives and LEDs scoped
  • Further 25% saving targeted for 2018.
  • Reporting and online portal system in place
  • Savings will allow reduction in size of supply, reducing costs further
  • Delivery of new energy procurement strategy to minimise impact of increasing energy costs

In my capacity as Chairman of the Manchester Hoteliers Association, we have worked with Businesswise Solutions to help the hotel community better understand energy management and how individual properties can benefit from their services.

Adrian Ellis, Chairman of the MHA and General Manager at The Lowry Hotel, The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

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