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The Targeted Charging Review will impact your business – it’s just a matter of how.

Take action now with a complimentary Targeted Charging Review Impact Report, prepared for you by energy experts. Over 400 reports completed so far.

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The Targeted Charging Review will affect all businesses with Half Hourly meters

So if that includes your business we recommend taking action now to reduce any liability and / or maximise the savings opportunity.

In particular, businesses who have Triad avoidance strategies in place will no longer be able to avoid the higher charges, as the system moves to a fixed rate model from April 2022. And for the few businesses who made additional revenue through exporting on-site generated electricity during Triad periods, they will see their benefits withdrawn completely or at least very severely.

Those most affected by the new legislation are UK businesses using in excess of 2GWh of electricity per annum, which is roughly a £250k energy spend.

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Targeted Charging Review Impact Report
Targeted Charging Review Impact Report

Our experts recommend a Targeted Charging Review Impact Report

This report will clearly show how TCR will affect your business and best of all, we do all the work! Our experts take your energy data and crunch the numbers to produce a detailed – yet clear report. The TCR report allows your business to:

  • Get detailed analysis of your energy usage

  • Have the ability to compare your energy spend pre and post TCR

  • Know if you will be positively or negatively affected by TCR

  • Understand your options and recommended next steps

How the TCR Impact Report is helping businesses…

The Targeted Charging Review will impact each business differently, some will see savings while others will see substantial increases. Below are just three examples of what the TCR Impact Report has identified for clients and how we are helping them maximise the benefits and reduce the negative impacts.

By conducting a TCR Impact Report for one client, they were expecting an annual increase of £40,000, but by changing the procurement strategy and working with our Energy Projects team our client is now expecting an annual saving of £86,000.

After completing a TCR Impact Report, we found that for one multi-site client, TCR will have a positive impact, saving £12,000 per meter per year. A fantastic saving for the business who has 20 Half Hourly meters!

The TCR Impact Report found that for one client they would see an annual increase of £150,000, but by utilising our projects team and EMaaS solution, we can look to reduce this impact by £116,082 per year.

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