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Webinar: Understanding Your Energy Data

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In this webinar we discuss the evolution of industry to Industry 4.0 and Energy Management 4.0, what it is, what it means for businesses and where it will possibly take us in the future.

You won’t have even heard about energy management 4.0 yet, but the truth is, it’s already here. This webinar takes a look at how we got here, what decentralisation, connectivity, IoT and automation have to do with it, and where energy management will possibly take us in the future.

Join Businesswise CMO Paul Scarborough and Director of Energy Cost Management Peter Catlow and special guest Paul Jones from the Northern Automotive Alliance as they discuss the evolution of industry through the ages, Industry 4.0 and how energy management has had to evolve to keep pace with technology.

The Panel

Paul Scarborough

Chief Marketing Officer

Peter Catlow

Director of Energy Cost Management

Paul Jones

Chief Executive, Northern Automotive Alliance

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“Using Businesswise’s EMaaS has been the next step our company needed, it’s allowed us to track and visualise our energy waste in a way we haven’t seen before. Having access to this tangible data has meant we have made savings of 10% on our initial projects, and plan to use EMaaS for all projects in the future.” 

Jon Ainley, Operations Director at Weddel Swift

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