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Webinar: Understanding Your Energy Data

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This 30 minute webinar reveals some of the latest techniques to create valuable insights out of your energy data.

Energy data has become vast, with half hourly electricity meters creating over 17 thousand data points per meter per year. This represents a massive opportunity to deep dive and find data backed insight where before it might have relied on intuition or speculation.

The tools and techniques to analyse this data have also been developed over time meaning that statistical analytics techniques can be applied to the big data to extract valuable insight, quickly. All this means that businesses can make the right decision, faster.

Businesswise Solutions’ Director of Energy Cost Management, Peter Catlow is joined by Andrew Bardsley, Head of Energy Projects and Energy Analyst, Antonia Cheng as they reveal some of the latest analytical techniques that they have been using to create valuable insights out of customers energy data over the past few months.

The Panel

Peter Catlow

Director of Cost Reduction

Andrew Bardsley

Head of Energy Projects

Antonia Cheng

Energy Analyst

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Energy Data

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Energy Data

“Using Businesswise’s EMaaS has been the next step our company needed, it’s allowed us to track and visualise our energy waste in a way we haven’t seen before. Having access to this tangible data has meant we have made savings of 10% on our initial projects, and plan to use EMaaS for all projects in the future.” 

Jon Ainley, Operations Director at Weddel Swift

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