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Chemical Manufacturing
Energy Specialists

The pressure to work towards a sustainable, carbon net zero future increases for the sector, as the chemicals industry plays a critical role in delivering a successfully decarbonised economy. Medium and large chemicals manufacturers can make significant impacts on their sustainability journeys, one such way is by having a clear energy strategy in place.

Our energy technology and expert people specialise in assisting the chemical industry to manage and reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions.

Chemicals Manufacturers are committing to halve CO2 emissions by 2034 and further reduce them by 90% by 2050.

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Whether you’re an independent chemical manufacturer or multinational chemical manufacturer, we make it our priority to take the hassle out of optimising your energy buying.

Reduce carbon emissions significantly by using clean, renewable energy to power your production line and facility.

Our energy traders will work with you to determine the best contract for your company’s needs, whether it’s a fixed energy contract with a set budget, a risk managed flexible energy contract or a flexible energy basket.

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Businesswise Solutions Energy Control Centre


Switching to renewable energy isn’t the only way the industry can become more sustainable.

A bespoke energy management solution that works with your budget and efficiency requirements, can see a significant reduction in your energy consumption and ensure your manufacturing processes are energy efficient.

Our monitoring solution lets you monitor facility performance, review energy demand and identify behavioural change improvements to name a few areas. Explore Energy Management as A Service™ (EMaaS) solution for more information.


Chemical manufacturers can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting – be it financial gains or reputational. 

Our team of energy managers and compliance experts will ensure all evidence is correct and meets the regulator requirements.

Our compliance team are experts in:

  • Carbon Tax Exemptions
  • SECR
  • ESOS
  • ESG policy
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Energy Savings Opportunities Report

40% in annual energy reduction identified and eliminated for one manufacturing client through Energy Management as-a-Service™ (EMaaS).

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