The Energy Centre

A unique, exhibition-style experience that will take visitors on a journey through the evolution of the energy industry, leading to the latest innovations in the sector.

Built in 2018 The Energy Centre has become an important part of the Businesswise Solutions journey, educating and wowing everyone who visits.

The Energy Centre

The Vision

The Energy Centre was created to be much more than a modern office space for an energy consultancy.

It was designed to be a space where people could visit and learn about how the energy industry is impacting businesses, and more importantly, how it’s impacting their business and what they can do about it.

Energy Centre Green Zone

The Tour

When you visit us at The Energy Centre you’ll be taken on a tour of the energy industry, learning about the energy markets, what makes up an energy bill, and how a business can keep track of its costs and consumption.

You’ll then enter our sustainability zone, where we’ll discuss the pressures businesses are facing and ways you can work towards net zero. Finishing up with demonstrations of our energy control centre and detailed overview of the wholesale energy markets at our trading screens.

The Energy Control Centre

While at The Energy Centre, you’ll be able to see the Energy Control Centre in action.

This is our energy management hub, where our experienced energy managers and analysts monitor your energy consumption in real time and manage your energy efficiency projects.

Energy Trading Wall

The Trading Wall

The last stop is our trading wall. You’ll get to see our trading screens while we talk through how the energy markets are performing, and the different buying strategies available, as well as meet the team that manages our clients energy contracts.

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