Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

Manage energy-related business risks with a complete, flexible, subscription-based solution.

EMaaS helps medium and large business energy users control energy and achieve improved performance. It does this by turning energy data into actionable insights, plugging resource gaps, and creating an energy management framework that delivers results.

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Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

Benefits of EMaaS

Access to Experts

Improved Energy Efficiency

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Data Driven Decisions

Compliance with Regulations

Flexible and Scalable

Asset Management

EMaaS Hardware

Get better insight to manage your energy management strategy.

Granular energy data enables businesses to track and monitor energy usage in real-time, identify trends, and make adjustments to reduce costs. It also helps businesses to identify equipment that may need maintenance or replacement, leading to improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, Energy Insights can also be used to track progress towards energy reduction targets and compliance with regulations.

Learn more about Energy Insights.

EMaaS Software

A suite of software designed to give you perfect visibility of energy performance.

Energy management software plays a key role within your energy strategy, providing a depth of data analysis not possible without visualising asset level performance. Our suite of EMaaS software will become the go-to tool for those detail orientated who will wonder how they ever managed without it. Any internal stakeholders with access will be able to see consumption patterns alongside top level energy management information.

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EMaaS Consult

Take complete control by drawing down resource when and where you need it.

Cost-effective solution for businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to manage their energy usage effectively. Our team of experts will work closely with your business to understand your specific energy usage patterns and develop a tailored solution to help you achieve your energy objectives. Our service is flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Take a look at EMaaS Consult in more detail.

Download the Energy Management Handbook

The Energy Management Handbook: A Practical Guide to Energy Management includes resources to provide managers and business leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve efficient, cost-effective energy management practices within your organisation.

Get access to:

  • Energy Management Roadmap

  • Energy Management Business Case Template

  • Energy Policy Template

  • Site Audit Guide and Checklist

  • Plus other guides and templates!

Fully Supported Energy Management Solution

Onboarding Support

Our in house team make sure everything is set up and configured for you to use. From data availability and completeness through to portal logins and training, we’ve got it covered.

Account Managed Services

Your account will be managed by a named individual, so you know where to go for additional support. Our team of account managers are focussed on helping you meet your objectives.

Access to Expertise

Our analysts and engineers are not just there to help you achieve your objectives, but also to give you access to their knowledge and expertise and improve the level of understanding that your team has.

Subscription based pricing model

No upfront fees

Spread hardware costs across the life of the contract

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a completely modular product with EMaaS which enables you to pick exactly the services that will help deliver your goals. This can all be scoped out during the contracting and onboarding process.

No, all our EMaaS contracts are run on a monthly subscription basis. This means all the equipment and install costs which usually occur in the first month of the contract, are spread out over the term of the contract.

The minimum term that we work to is a 12-month commitment. This is because any less is unlikely to yield results and be cost prohibitive. We’re confident that clients will always see the value in extending beyond this term, so our pricing is based on the expectation that the relationship will continue long after the initial contracted period.

We can offer break clauses into EMaaS contracts that provide a safety net and limits the initial exposure. These will usually be written within the contract or provided as an addendum, but we’re pretty confident in our abilities and the value they provide that we rarely see these being triggered.

Because of the upfront cost in equipment and install required, we’re not able to provide a full ‘free trial’, but it may be possible for us to demonstrate our capabilities on a small or limited number of sites or zones initially to show you the level of control that you’ll achieve.

At the outset of any EMaaS partnership, it is impossible to know if there are, and if so, how much could be saved. What we offer is a suite of tools and services that will take complete control of energy. By taking control, improvement areas will become clear and if there are savings to be made, our teams will help make those savings a reality.

Well, if maintaining operations 24/7 is your priority, then your energy can provide some key insight into how your site is performing operationally and financially, not just from an energy ‘as a resource’ function. Insight into when machinery is due for maintenance or is likely to go down could be invaluable information for your business.

Our solutions can be a perfect fit for those who want to ‘self-serve’, with tools that will give your internal teams the information and insight they need to join the dots and take control.

To discuss your EMaaS requirements drop us a message and we’ll be in touch.