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Energy Management as a Service™ (EMaaS)

Make significant impacts on energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions. EMaaS clients benefit from insight dashboards, automated reports, detailed analysis, alerts and alarms, and bespoke energy reduction and management strategies with the help of our expert people to drive positive change.

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EMaaS is a fully integrated energy management solution targeting 20% energy reduction, using the best energy reporting technology to identify, visualise and eliminate energy waste.

Our EMaaS solution has identified over £1.5million in energy savings for our energy-intensive clients

To put that number into context, that’s a staggering 20,000,000 kWh and to put this into perspective that’s enough energy to power over 5,000 houses for an entire year or to boil 200 million kettles.

EMaaS consists of four main areas…

Energy Monitoring & Visualisation

What you can visualise you can realise.

EMaaS lets you capture what is happening with your energy consumption and cost and translate this into easy to understand dashboards and management reports, or detailed operational reports, helping you reach your business energy efficiency goals, faster.

Auditing & Analysis

Get under the skin of your energy consumption.

Interrogate your energy consumption and cost data, combined with understanding your business practices to shine a light on focus areas for improvement, to help you reduce energy costs, manage energy consumption, eliminate energy waste, and reduce carbon emissions.

Project Feasibility & Management

Don’t allow choice to cripple decision making when it comes to energy.

With EMaaS you can track your energy savings initiatives, reduce operating costs or introduce your own energy generation or storage project, whatever you are trying to achieve, we can support you every step of the way.

Asset Level Monitoring (Energy insights)

Measure in real-time when, where and how much energy is being used.

Know where energy is being consumed using the latest technology to monitor energy consumption in real time and set rule based alerts and alarms for actual consumption outside the norm.

EMaaS deals with your energy challenges taking away any hassle, so you can focus on the success of your business.

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“Using Businesswise’s EMaaS has been the next step our company needed, it’s allowed us to track and visualise our energy waste in a way we haven’t seen before. Having access to this tangible data has meant we have made savings of 10% on our initial projects, and plan to use EMaaS for all projects in the future.”

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Did you know? A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom-line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses.

Reduced carbon and energy outputs by as much as 20%, representing huge carbon and cost savings.

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