Total energy management solutions combining technology and people.

We simplify energy decisions and develop strategies that deliver better performance for industrial, commercial and private sector businesses.

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Our unique blend of energy software development and expert people provides businesses with complete visibility of energy costs and consumption to identify and eliminate business energy waste.

Our solutions tackle major business challenges, head on

Whatever your business objectives, we can help to shape your energy initiatives to run in parallel. With the solutions to ensure that goals are achieved,  and the technology to define, accelerate and track success, we allow you to focus your energy on your broader business objectives

Energy Management Technology Solutions

Take control of your energy costs and consumption with our best in class online reporting portal.

Created by energy experts who understand the challenges businesses are facing, our advanced cloud based software provides easy access to your energy data through easy to use and understand dashboards.

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“When visiting The Energy Centre, we got an in-depth look into exactly how Businesswise’s experts trade on the energy market. We were able to talk to the traders who showed us first hand their methods and practices, this gave us the confidence to make the step into flex procurement.

Their energy platform also gives us the complete visibility of trading performance and budget forecasts we need as a business.”

Martin Jackson, Procurement Director

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Powered by People

The knowledge and experience of our people ensure that all activity is carried out in the best way to achieve your business goals. 

We become aligned to your team with a mission of ensuring that every unit of business energy is used purposefully.

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Solutions to ensure you win

Our solutions are based on years of fine-tuning to ensure that they deliver the best performance and outcomes for your business:

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Brendan Flood 

Chairman, UCFB / Director, Burnley FC

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Chris Maguire 

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Exceptional trading capabilities

We saved Kingspan, a UK-leading, insulation manufacturer £55,000 over 6 months by locking in their power supply before a major price spike.

We secured a leading communications provider a £1.1m relief against their CCL.

Our experts worked with a leading telecomms provider to set up their CCA application, this resulted in a £1.1m saving across the six years the CCA scheme is in place and our platform helps them understand their carbon emissions and identify further carbon savings.

40% energy waste identified by EMaaS

EMaaS identified an average of 40%* energy waste across a leading retailers estate. A series of energy efficiency projects have since been implemented to eliminate energy waste.

*50% energy waste at worst performing sites and 20% at top performing sites.

“We’ve seen other energy platforms before but none like this. The platform gives us an easy to digest 360-degree visualisation of all our energy data, making it easier than ever to make decisions and track performance. It also helps us with our carbon & sustainability reporting.”

Kit Lennard, Chief Engineer at Frasers Hospitality

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