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myenergyManager Portal

Our advanced cloud based software provides easy access to your energy data through easy to use and understand digital dashboards. Created by energy experts who understand the management challenges businesses face.


The myenergyManager portal gives you the insight you need to visualise and eliminate waste, reducing both costs and carbon emission.

myenergyManager users benefit from:

Total visibility of energy use and waste via cloud based software

24/7 access to data and information

Customisable set up – set operating hours

Connect multiple data sources, asset level data provides more depth

Ability to drill down from portfolio, to individual site and look at custom dates

Keep everything in one place with document store

“Using Businesswise’s EMaaS has been the next step our company needed, it’s allowed us to track and visualise our energy waste in a way we haven’t seen before. Having access to this tangible data has meant we have identified savings of 10% on our initial projects and we plan to use EMaaS for all projects in the future”

Visualise Energy Waste

Visualise energy waste

Explore your energy consumption in detail and set criteria to identify energy waste. Drill down into problem areas, days or hours and take decisive action to track improvements in real time.

This module is extremely powerful when combined with our EMaaS solution,  designed to help you identify and eliminate energy waste.

  • View single sites or meters or aggregate up to complete portfolio

  • Benchmark sites against each other and track performance in league tables

  • Date range selector to identify both long term and seasonal trends and isolate specific

  • Set benchmarks at meter level and track improvements

  • Set reduction targets and track performance against objectives

Take control of energy budgets

Get complete clarity of your future energy costs with our budgeting and forecasting module. View detailed energy costs by actual and forecasted spend, giving your finance team complete visibility.

See exactly what your energy costs are forecast each month based on contract rates and consumption patterns and get complete control over your future energy budgets.

  • Month by month view of gas and electricity costs

  • Prior month actuals based on invoices

  • Forecasts based on consumption patterns and contracted rates

  • Breakdown of commodity and non-commodity costs

  • View single site or entire portfolio

Take Control of Energy Budgets

See how myenergyManager enables our Energy-Management-as-a-Service (EMaaS) to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%

Find Out

Manage Projects

See live project plans for proposed and active energy reduction projects and track progress with status updates against project tasks.

The perfect tool to identify bottlenecks early and mitigate risk of late delivery

  • Project list with details of each task

  • Tasks asigned for ultimate accountability

  • Project plan visual in Gantt chart format to easily identify task overlaps and potential bottlenecks

  • View task dependancies

  • Live task updates, with RAG status

Manage Projects
Track Improvements

Track improvements

See the payback on your investments and projects, watch the savings accrue over time and against the planned payback period. 

See an accurate return on investment projection updated and based on live data.

  • Project investment ROI & payback and view in graphical format

  • Clear view of the break even point, and total ROI across specificed term

  • Track actual savings against projections and recalculate payback and ROI in real time

  • Getting early indications of project success allows for corrective actions early to make the most out of your investment

Manage your trading position

Access information about your energy hedging strategy performance by monitoring your market positions.

Stay on top of your hedged volume and always know what is open to market rates and what has been locked in.

  • View single sites or complete portfolio with our site selector

  • Choose gas, electricity or both

  • See how current performance affects your forward energy budgets

  • View trading performance against day one prices

Managing Your Trading Position

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