Energy procurement

Whether you’re an energy intensive business looking for a budget certain fixed energy contract, or a risk managed flexible energy strategy, we have procurement options that will work for you.

Our Managing Energy Trading Positions guide explains what Energy Traders look for when making energy purchasing decisions on behalf of businesses.

Energy Trading Wall

Benefits of our procurement services:

A partner that understands your business objectives and matches products accordingly.

Wide range of supplier options and access to the most attractive products available.

Expert trading team continuously improving on future rates.

Visibility of future budgets based on current positions to assist with budgeting.

Renewable energy contracts available for all contract types.

Contracts and Tendering

Flexible Energy Procurement

A flexible energy procurement contract allows you to spread the risk of energy procurement by buying your energy in smaller chunks during the lifetime of your contract. Taking advantage of fluctuations in the market and locking in prices at optimum time. Flexible energy contracts give you:

  • Opportunity to reduce costs from market volatility.

  • Manage your budget by having visibility of future budgets based on current positions.

  • Stay informed with bespoke reporting created in line with your individual requirements.

Contracts and Tendering

Flexible Energy Basket

A flexible energy basket enables businesses to pool tradeable volume with other companies to achieve better buying power. Our energy baskets are set up with a number of selected suppliers and our traders actively trade and risk manage the basket’s volume on your behalf. This ensures you get the best possible price and terms. Flexible energy baskets give you:

  • Pooled resources gives you the purchasing power of a large organisation.

  • An opportunity to benefit by taking advantage of market volatility.

  • Live updates on your current hedged positions and access to our trader insight.

Contracts and Tendering

Fixed Energy Procurement

Fully fixed contracts have the commodity cost and third party charges fixed for the duration of the contract. If your business wants budget certainty and is happy to pay the premiums attached to fixed price contracts, then this is the contract for you. Fixed procurement contracts give you:

  • Complete transparency helping you to manage budgets and cashflow.

  • Protection against changes to third-party costs and protection against large market swings.

  • Simple supplier comparisons make it easy to make a decision.

Speak to us about your energy procurement options.