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Business energy procurement that works for you.

We know that energy procurement is a minefield of jargon and complex contracts – that’s why we designed our procurement offerings around the client.

Our expert traders identify and simplify the market so you can rest easy knowing you’re in control of where your energy comes from.

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We can guide you seamlessly through the procurement process, leaning on our supplier relationships, product access, outstanding trading abilities and vast experience in commercial energy purchasing.

Our Trading, Pricing and Contract Management clients benefit from:

A partner that understands their business objectives and matches products accordingly

Wide range of supplier options and access to the most attractive products available

Expert trading team continuously improving on future rates

Visibility of future budgets based on current positions to assist with budgeting

Contracts and Tendering

Energy Procurement Contracts and Tendering

Simplify energy buying decisions by using tried and tested strategies that deliver better business performance, and allow our team to do the leg work in finding and negotiating the best rates and terms.

  • Fixed Contract – all elements of the bill are fixed, giving you budget certainty for the term of the contract

  • Pass Through Contract – Some elements are fixed while some are open to market rates. Usually the wholesale rate is fixed and the 3rd party charges are ‘passed through’, which means consumption 

  • Flex Contract – all elements of the bill are open to market rates, with the wholesale rates locked in by our traders according to your chosen strategy

  • Renewable Energy – we can provide access to renewable energy contracts through all of the contract options. The energy is still the same, but your contract pledges to buy the power that you use from renewable sources

  • Negotiated terms – don’t underestimate the impact of payment terms, security deposits and ‘take-or-pay’ clauses on your business

Expert Energy Trading

Our trading team are continually monitoring the market and can offer reliable, responsible and precise advice, making decisions that reduce energy costs for our customers.

  • Bespoke trading strategies to meet your business energy objectives

  • Live updates on your current hedged positions and access to our traders to discuss next steps

  • Opportunity to improve rates versus ‘day one’ prices, whilst protecting against volatile and rising markets


Exceptional trading capabilities

We saved a UK-leading, insulation manufacturer £55,000 over 6 months by locking in their power supply before a major price spike.


Flexible Energy Basket

Access energy buying products normally only available to the biggest energy users without having the volume to do so, by aggregating demand with businesses that share your vision for lower energy rates and improved terms.

  • We group businesses energy volume together and tender it under a ‘basket’ to access better energy buying products with more flexibility

  • Aggregated volume gives the basket more ‘clips’ of energy to trade, which means that higher return strategies can be deployed to achieve a better unit rate

  • Improved terms, such as take or pay, payment terms or service level agreements with suppliers

Energy Budgeting and Forecasting

Our procurement position reporting is the most comprehensive in the UK market, with live status reports on the energy hedged, unit rates achieved, combined with live market feeds that shows the future position and the total delivered cost of energy up to 4 years ahead. 

  • Create future financial budgets and models using accurate energy cost forecasts

  • Scenario modelling to see the ‘what if’ impacts of certain events or market movements on your business

  • Access the reports in PDF format through regular communication with your account manager or trader, or through our technology platform for a live view

Budget and Forecasts

Our Bureau team will always ensure you only pay for what you use.

Budget and Forecasts

Live Bill Validation

Only pay for the energy that you’ve used. Our team uses the latest software to analyse invoices and check for inaccuracies in real time, but we don’t just rely on the technology. Our team are experts at spotting errors that machines can’t process.

We carry out over 125 checks on every invoice and keep a query log which is used to challenge suppliers and manage rebates, refunds or demand invoices to be reissued. In return, you get:

  • Reduced billing inaccuracies and errors picked up early

  • Reclaim overpayments against future invoices or recieve refunds

  • Access to the query log in real time

  • Monthly/quarterly reporting to show invoices validated, inaccuracies identified, overcharges recovered, and return on investment

  • Fully managed service with no input required from you or your team

  • Dedicated billing analyst with an understanding of your account

Historic and 3rd Party Charge Audits

We know our way around an energy bill, this means that we can spot mistakes that others might miss.

Even if you have had invoices checked in the past, our historic audits have been known to unlock thousands of pounds of spare cashflow back into clients businesses, ensuring that only the energy used is paid for.

  • Comprehensive forensic accounting audit

  • No risk approach if there are no refunds or claims available then you don’t pay a penny

  • Fully managed claims process, no input required from you or your team throughout the process

  • Future costs mitigated and rates negotiated with suppliers on 3rd party charges

  • 3rd Party advice and management of changes required to meet requirements and ongoing monitoring/alerts should circumstances change

Budget and Forecasts

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