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Cold Storage, Warehousing, and Distribution Energy Specialists

As more industries commit to sustainability initiatives and supply chain visibility, warehousing, cold storage, and distribution face immense challenges to work towards a sustainable, carbon net zero future.

The sector is making significant progress toward developing a sustainable value chain, and by implementing an energy strategy, it is contributing to the government’s target of carbon net zero 2050.

Our energy technology and experts have already had significant impacts on energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions for well known businesses within the sector.

The UK’s commitment to becoming carbon zero by 2050 is likely to result in significant regulatory pressure on the cold store sector to continue to lower energy use and emissions in the coming years above and beyond what the sector has already achieved.

Insight from Energy Efficiency in Cold Stores – Cold Chain Federation


An intelligent step towards carbon net zero is to power your warehouse, cold stores and distribution centres with clean renewable energy. 

Our expert traders have years of industry experience in selecting the best renewable energy contract for your portfolio’s requirements, whatever the size and energy intensity. 

Whether you select a fixed contract for budget certainty or risk managed flexible energy contract or a flexible energy basket, our traders will support you throughout the process.

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Businesswise Solutions Energy Control Centre


Switching to renewable energy isn’t the only way to become more sustainable. 

A bespoke energy management solution that works with your budget and efficiency requirements, can see a significant reduction in your energy consumption and increase site energy efficiency. 

Our bespoke Energy Management as A Service™ (EMaaS) solution, lets you monitor facility performance, track cold and chill store efficiency, review energy demand and identify behavioural change improvements to name a few areas.


As an energy intensive industry, warehousing, cold storage, and distribution centres can gain significant value through schemes and mandatory reporting – be it financial gains or reputational. 

Our team of energy managers and compliance experts will ensure all evidence is correct and meets the regulator requirements.

Our compliance team are experts in:

  • SECR
  • Carbon Tax Exemptions
  • ESOS
  • ESG policy
  • Energy Intensive Relief
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