EMaaS Energy Insights

Energy Insights is a powerful hardware product that provides businesses with granular-level energy monitoring. Sensors measure how much energy is being used by specific equipment, circuits, buildings, or zones. With this level of detail, businesses can identify areas of inefficiency and make data-driven decisions to reduce energy costs and improve their bottom line.

EMaaS Energy Insights gives businesses:

Granular energy data enables businesses to track and monitor energy usage in real-time, identify trends, and make adjustments to reduce costs. It also helps businesses to identify equipment that may need maintenance or replacement, leading to improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, Energy Insights can also be used to track progress towards energy reduction targets and compliance with regulations.

Energy Insights is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that provides businesses with the necessary data to make informed decisions and improve energy efficiency. With Energy Insights, businesses can take the first step towards reducing energy costs and improving their bottom line.

Cost Savings

Identify and reduce energy costs, leading to improved bottom line.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Detailed, granular-level energy monitoring, helps businesses to identify areas of inefficiency and make adjustments.

Real-time Monitoring

Track and monitor energy usage in real-time, make quick adjustments, and reduce costs.

Compliance with Regulations

Track progress towards energy reduction targets. Stay compliant with regulations, and provide the necessary data to meet regulatory requirements.

Data Driven Decisions

Detailed energy usage data, enables fast data-driven decisions to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Asset Management

Identify equipment that may need maintenance or replacement, leading to improved energy efficiency and cost savings.

Increased Transparency

Energy Insights provides businesses with visibility into their energy usage, allowing them to identify trends and make adjustments to reduce costs over the long-term.

Introducing the Energy Insights Range

Energy Insights are non-invasive, self-powered, miniature wireless current sensors. They clip onto the electrical outgoing wire from the circuit breaker and are self-powered by the circuit’s magnetic field. Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours with no disturbance to operations.

Energy Insights PAN10

PAN-10 Sensor

Energy Insights PAN12

PAN-12 Sensor

Pan-14 High Current Sensor

Energy Insights PAN42

PAN-42 Mains Wireless Sensor


Energy Insight Features

Monitor and control energy consumption at zone or asset level to give you a complete picture of how your business uses energy.

Non-invasive wireless technology

Self powered – no maintenance required

Highly accurate real-time data

Site zone, or asset level granularity

Want to know more? Download the Energy Insights brochure.

The EMaaS Energy Insights brochure gives you a detailed look into the sensors, how the data is used, client examples and more.

EMaaS Energy Insights brochure cover

How the energy data is used

The data transmitted is used to create actionable energy intelligence to improve a business’ energy costs, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy management software plays a key role within your energy strategy, providing a depth of data analysis not possible without visualising asset level performance. Energy Insight sensor data is made available allowing any internal stakeholders with access to see consumption patterns alongside top level energy management information.

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