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Empower your business with our Renewable Energy Basket

Traditionally, for many business owners, renewable energy has been considered too expensive and not accessible.

Now that’s all changing.

Green and brown energy are now on a level playing field and, better still, the cost of renewable energy is now falling so fast, it could be a consistently cheaper source of electricity generation by 2020.

It has never been a more relevant or viable time to purchase renewable energy for your business.

As the UK’s first product to offer businesses 100% renewable flexible energy, our Renewable Energy Basket can help your business contribute towards a low carbon future.

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There are lots of reasons to power
your business using renewable energy

Our renewable energy basket enables
businesses to take full advantage of fluctuations in
the market and lock in prices at an optimum time
without costing the earth. 

Our approach allows our trading team to take advantage of fluctuations in the market on your behalf, while you get on with running an environmentally conscious business.

Furthermore, by joining the Renewable Energy Basket, you get better market buying power to purchase renewable electricity, bought only from UK-based renewable sources at no additional cost.

As well as all the benefits of a flex contract our renewable flex energy basket provides:

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The launch of the basket follows the introduction of the new Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, a recently introduced energy reporting framework that will see the legal requirement of large and mid-sized businesses to report on energy consumption and CO2 production.

By buying 100% wind generated power, your company will be able to reduce the amount of CO2 being reported in your annual statements.

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