Energy management is changing

Businesses are facing significant challenges with rising energy costs in a tough economic climate.

Energy is usually not given enough focus to get it right, and the traditional energy management consultant industry has been relying on a poor, outdated and expensive offering that lacks depth, differentiation or value.

That’s why we’re here…

We are Businesswise Solutions, we empower the business community to visualise and eliminate energy waste.

How we work

We take complete control of our clients energy management to eliminate energy waste and improve bottom line profitability, through the use of innovative solutions through our Energy Information Technology (EIT) platforms to deliver scalable energy management for business energy users.

“Visiting the Energy Centre was a great experience, and it gave us a deep understanding of the energy sector. We took lots of ideas and information straight back into the business that could be implemented immediately. It certainly made us look at energy management in a different way. I recommend any businesses that are serious about energy management to visit Frazer and the team there.”

Our Approach

We take a data-led approach to controlling energy, using Energy Information Technology (EIT) combined with people power and knowledge to eliminate energy waste. By taking a transparent approach we are able to provide our clients with complete visibility and no surprises.

We take service seriously and our account managed solutions deliver demonstratable results and continuous improvements, in eliminating energy waste across cost, consumption and carbon, providing our clients with the confidence to focus their energy on running their business.

Our amazing people are ambitious, hard-wired for success and are invested in customer outcomes, seeking out continuous  improvements to help deliver a market leading solution.

Our Clients

The DNA of what makes a Businesswise Solutions client is nothing to do with industry or size, but a passion for excellence, a hunger to do the right thing, and a drive for success. We can find a good fit within most sectors, but Manufacturing, Hospitality, Property Management and Retail sectors are where most of our clients sit, amongst many others.

The universal factor, regardless of sector, is that our clients benefit from:

  • A partner that understands their business objectives and matches products accordingly

  • Clarity of the opportunities available to improve their energy situation

  • Tracking of benefit and clear ROI against objectives and initiatives

  • Wide range of supplier options and access to the most attractive products available

  • An expert team on hand to continuously monitor and improve on their energy situation

  • Complete visibility of future energy budgets to assist with financial planning

Our Clients

Our Values

Our values sit at the centre of our organisation and shape everything we do. These pillars give us clarity in our decision making, ensuring our pathway to success is clear and our business goals are achievable.

Our people will grow, our customers will stay and together we will build a sustainable, scalable and successful business.

Invest In Growth

We nurture our people, develop our technology and inspire our teams to achieve great things.

Create exceptional experiences

We ignore the accepted industry norm, our ideas are bold and adventurous, and we are confident in our ability to deliver solutions that matter.

Take complete control

We act with precision and authority, hold ourselves accountable and take pride in delivering positive outcomes.

Our Vision

Is a world where businesses have complete visibility and control of their energy cost and consumption, where every unit of business energy is used purposefully. Help us make this a reality today.

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