Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) Partnership

Exclusive Energy Partner To The Energy & Environment Alliance

Energy management technology company, Businesswise Solutions, are excited to be part of the launch of The Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA), a new coalition of hospitality businesses and investors, to transform the industry to become climate positive.

Businesswise is a founding member of the alliance and are pleased to be the exclusive energy partner to the EEA. Frazer Durris, CEO Businesswise Solutions and EEA Advisory Board member adds:

“The EEA’s ambition is to make a huge impact on the environmental sustainability for hotels, and recent findings by Ignite Economics reveals the UK accommodation sector has actually increased its energy usage by 47% from the turn of the century to 2018. That’s more than any other industrial sector.

The findings are alarming but the alliance can make a real difference to the industry and that’s where Businesswise can add real value to members. Our skills, expertise & technology can put the hotel sector on a pathway towards net zero and decarbonisation.

Predominately we will help do this via the delivery of an industry-wide 100% renewable energy basket, our EMaaS ‘energy reduction programme’ solution and the development of simple low-cost initiatives to help hotels reduce carbon emissions.” 

The Alliance seeks to capitalise on a surge in enthusiasm from government, investors and consumers to see businesses acting in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The immediate priority is to help tackle the climate change challenge by cutting consumption of fossil fuels. In time, the EEA plans to broaden its scope to sustainable materials, operations, including water and waste management and pioneering new environmental initiatives.

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO EEA and former CEO of the British Hospitality Association said:

“The world has changed. Business, as usual, is no longer viable and externalising the cost of natural and social capital belongs to a bygone era. Delivering the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet is now expected and long-term environmental risk is beginning to worry investors. The trend is gathering momentum and the challenge for the hospitality sector is how to get ahead of it. The Alliance is responding by bringing the industry’s leaders together to pool brainpower and to focus on credible initiatives we can benchmark.”

Durris signs off by saying:

The EEA makes sense on so many levels. Hotels save energy; the industry moves towards decarbonisation in a measurable way, consumers and investors approve and we get to facilitate – what’s not to like!”

Access to the report can be found here:

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