New British Furniture Manufacturers report

british furniture manufacturing report

New British Furniture Manufacturers report highlights the need for a sector wide environmental strategy.

Research conducted by Businesswise Solutions and the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) showed that 75 per cent of the industry see the management of environmental challenges as a key priority, with most feeling that the sector lacks a strategy to meet these challenges head on.

The findings appear in ‘Sentiment of the Sector & The Road To Net Zero’, a 36-page insight report, which also revealed that 50 per cent of participants said they knew what is required to achieve Net Zero as a sector, while all respondents said the industry lacked a strategy to achieve the target.

‘Sentiment of the Sector & The Road To Net Zero’ pulled together insight and feedback from two virtual round table events, held in March 2021, to gauge opinion on the sector’s performance under the heading of Environment, Social and Corporate Governance.

Other subjects analysed during the events, and detailed in the subsequent report, include Coronavirus, Predicting Demand, Raw Materials and Logistics, as well as Labour Challenges.

Charlotte Floate, Director at Alpha Designs was one of the event participants. She said:

“Being involved in the round table was a great experience and felt like we had very open, honest discussions around key topics for the industry.”

Both the round tables and the report were facilitated by BFM Associate Members, Businesswise Solutions, in partnership with the BFM.

BFM Managing Director, Nick Garratt, said:

“This has been a hugely interesting and informative project.

“The report sets out the current and future state of British furniture manufacturing.

“It provides a fascinating overview of the driving issues for the sector and, as a trade body, gives insight into areas where we can continue to support the industry in the challenging times ahead.”

Frazer Durris, CEO and founder of Businesswise Solutions added:

“What we have learnt from this insight project is that businesses in the furniture manufacturing industry are passionate about doing the right thing, whilst putting innovation and agility at the centre of how they operate.”

You can download your copy of the ‘Sentiment of the Sector & The Road To Net Zero,’ Report here

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