There is still a misconception that renewable energy is a nice to have, but brown energy is still the cheaper and more accessible power source, that’s no longer the case…

Did you know over 30% of electricity is now generated from renewable sources and growing?

Better still, the cost of green energy is now on a level playing field with brown. Green energy has also reached price and performance parity on the grid and at the socket, which is great news for your budget and the planet!

So why the shift in power?

There are several factors which contribute to this, the first being a growing green directive from the government, the second, a growing base of competition in the market and the third, the continued advancements in renewable technologies themselves.

Five reasons to power your business with renewable energy

  1. 3 out of 4 consumers are more inclined to choose a manufacturer or retailer that uses renewable energy as the demand for lower-carbon products and services grows
  2. Increase competitive advantage by lowering your carbon footprint, as large businesses look to procure goods from sustainable sources
  3. Boost your business reputation, among suppliers, customers and staff alike
  4. Helps businesses comply with the Government’s carbon emission reporting and reduction schemes, such as the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)
  5. Renewable energy gives you an opportunity to save money (and the world)!

We can help you trade brown energy for green in order for you to concentrate on keeping your business in the black, but before jumping in, it’s important to carefully evaluate the most beneficial contract options for your business.

Want to know more about our contract options?

You might like our other blogs discussing the difference between fixed and flexible contracts and what to expect from a flexible basket. You can also find out more about our UK first 100% Renewable Energy Basket.

If you’ve read enough and want to speak to us directly about how we can help your business make the switch to green, reach us at [email protected], alternatively get us on 01282 611329.

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