Staff and bosses from a Lancashire energy firm lent their support to one of the largest environmental protests in history on Friday.

In a peaceful demonstration outside of Businesswise Solutions’ offices in Nelson, colleagues took the opportunity reflect on the part they had to play in climate change, both collectively as a business, as well as individuals.

The Global Climate Strike, led by teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, saw children and adults from 150 countries come together to protest against Climate Change.

Managing Director Frazer Durris said:

“The global movement supporting climate change has really taken pace, particularly among the younger generations, and we feel it important show our support.

“We decided to strike on Wednesday last week and all staff were quick to get involved creating banners and posters for the cause.

“Businesses have an obligation to play their part in a low carbon future and are keen to do their bit, yet they’re constantly being hit by rising costs, red tape issues and economic uncertainties such as Brexit.

“Friday presented the perfect opportunity to stop, to listen and to share ideas that can make a difference.”

Already, the company has secured 100% renewable energy contracts to power its own office space.

Employees taking part in the protest were encouraged to consider little things they could do to make a difference during the strike and share their thoughts with colleagues.

Gabriel Ashworth, marketing assistant, said:

“It was a peaceful yet powerful hour which really gave me time to reflect on what I could do to play my part. It really hit home that if we each took a little time to do our bit, we really could start making a difference.”

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