The global shift to becoming more sustainable has had a major impact on the choices we make as individuals and businesses. In fact, 66% of people are willing to pay more for a sustainable product or service, incredibly rising to 73% when talking to millennials.

We’ve been speaking with some of the hotels leading the sustainability movement to find out how they’re taking action and working towards a greener and cleaner industry.

Frasers Hospitality is a luxury hotel chain with hundreds of sites worldwide. Recognising that the consumer attitudes are changing, they have set upon a programme of initiatives to help future proof their business.

“Sustainability has become one of our primary concerns, we’ve seen major improvements in this area and our goals for the future go hand in hand with being a greener organisation.”

Kit Lennard, Chief Engineer, Frasers Hospitality

For Frasers Hospitality, a large part of their sustainability plan is behavioural change. As their energy partner, we worked together to roll out a training programme for their employees.

One positive outcome of this was a change in how housekeeping treated unoccupied rooms. Previously lights would be left on, along with the AC and TV, this meant these unoccupied rooms were clocking up unnecessary cost. Now, housekeepers switch appliances off in unoccupied rooms; only leaving a single light on, set the AC to 21°C and then switch it off, which eliminates valuable energy waste.

The future goals for Frasers Hospitality also place high importance in increasing sustainability. They are currently looking into their supply chain – whether they purchase or work with sustainable businesses – a key factor that a lot of businesses forget to pursue. Many businesses focus solely on internal changes to become more sustainable but forget the sometimes vast network in which they operate, which may be far less green.

Another key project for Kit and the team at Frasers is zero waste to landfill, instead, looking at recycling and sustainable disposal options. Frasers are also looking into total renewable energy procurement, a positive change for any business to make. By working closely with us, a 100% renewable energy contract will help Frasers achieve their sustainability goals.

From working with and talking to Kit, it’s clear Frasers Hospitality has developed a comprehensive long-term plan to become a sustainable hotelier.

If you’re a hotelier looking to implement a sustainability strategy into your business then let’s start a conversation, drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 01282 611329.

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