For some reason, businesses don’t like to talk about energy management. It feels like a dirty subject, something that should be avoided and only brought up when absolutely necessary. But we think that’s wrong, and here’s our killer list of 4 reasons why we think businesses should be talking more openly about energy management…

Environmental benefits

A good energy management strategy will slim down your energy usage to its minimum, sometimes by huge margins. In other words, you’ll be using less energy which means less energy is needed to be generated for you. Although we are moving towards a more sustainable country when it comes to energy sourcing, we’re still not perfect. The UK’s electricity generation mix is currently around 40% renewable (great), but still around 30% gas (not great) – so lessening your demand for this, or switching to a totally green energy supply, is a seriously beneficial thing to do for our lovely environment that we like so much, right?

Money savings

Now, more than ever, cash is king, and if there’s one place you’re sure to find savings if you look hard enough, it’s your energy. A good energy management strategy can cut your energy consumption drastically, and this would have an almost immediate impact on operating costs, straight to the bottom line. So, your current ineffective (or non-existent) energy management strategy could be throwing money down the proverbial drain. In our experience, a really good energy management strategy can save you a minimum 20% on your energy bill, which has the same bottom line impact as a 5% increase in sales. 

CSR benefits

Your customers will also love you for showing up to the energy management party..OK, maybe not if you phrase it like that, but studies have shown that customers are more likely to engage with a business that displays an environmental conscience. Don’t believe us? Well CGS’s 2019 Retail and Sustainability Survey found that nearly 70% of respondents rated sustainability important in their buying decisions.

So, if an effective energy management strategy can bring you closer to that eco-friendly label, why not bring it up in the next meeting. Still not sure it’s worth it? Well BrewDog – one of the fastest growing companies in the UK – made sustainability the forefront of their campaign this year and are currently enjoying yet more growth both domestically and internationally because of this stance. Convinced yet? You soon will be.


A robust energy management strategy is key for staying on the right side of the various legislative and regulatory elements of energy. Simply hoping for the best and dealing with potential consequences just doesn’t cut it. As the government moves towards its Net-Zero goals, they have put in place and strengthened legislation surrounding energy, and there’s still more to come as the gap to be bridged is huge. This means you will need to keep track of current and future legislation, making sure you hit deadlines and reporting standards alongside meeting efficiency targets.

So, that was our 4 reasons you really should be talking about energy management and why it’s more important than ever to have a strategy in place. It can and does have a huge influence over your business and you’d be silly to ignore it. So why not get in touch with some energy management experts, like us, for example, and see what we can achieve together. Contact us to find out how we can help you out.

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