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What to look for on a Site Audit – Behavioural Change

Behavioural change is a huge part of creating a positive transformation in your business’s energy consumption patterns, and it’s a relatively low/no-cost way of doing so. When looking at behavioural change, to begin with, auditors will focus on a few key areas, most notably:

  • Technology – are energy-saving modes being used?
  • The pre-existing energy-saving mindset in the business
  • Correctly set thermostats
  • Windows and doors being closed at the right times
  • Are staff willing to engage?

Stressing a common goal across the business committed to saving energy makes energy efficiency easier as inaction can lead to more energy waste, which in turn means having to report a larger carbon footprint.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, auditors will employ a strategy that encourages workers to change their energy habits through education, and set up green teams and other resources that put a focus on energy efficiency.

  • Presenter: Andrew Bardsley, Head of Energy Management

  • Presenter: Andrew Butterworth, Energy Improvement Manager

  • Editor: Gabriel Ashworth, Marketing Assistant

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