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5 Reasons to Start a Sustainability Team

Create sustainability champions within your organisations by enlisting a dedicated group of employees who can channel ideas and drive positive change across your organisation. Here are 5 reasons to start a Sustainability Team:

1. Improve Efficiency 

Being an environmentally friendly business can provide a number of cost reduction opportunities. A Sustainability Team could help you monitor heating usage and save money on energy bills, for instance, by properly programming the thermostat or replacing office lighting with more energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives.

2. Meet Stakeholder Expectations

It’s no longer solely a consumer shift towards sustainability. More and more businesses are having to show proof of their sustainability plans and actions taken to reduce carbon emissions in order to be considered for tenders. Having a Sustainability Team identify and address sustainability issues can help you meet expectations, prove actions and add value to clients and investors.

3. Regulatory Compliance

With all the debate about climate change, energy depletion, and environmental impacts, it’s no surprise that governments are implementing environmental regulations. Having a Sustainability Team focused on regulator compliance could assist your company in staying ahead of new regulations and requirements.

4. Attracting & Retaining Talent

A Sustainability Team tasked with managing and progressing sustainable activity and initiatives in the workplace is likely to attract and retain top talent, as many workers seek out companies that care about the environment. When personal values align with the company’s core values, employees are more productive and motivated to do their job.

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5. Leading Sustainable Change

When your company has a solid sustainable practice in place, you may be able to spread the word and lead the way in terms of sustainability change. Your Sustainability Team can help by participating in corporate social responsibility awards, sharing sustainability achievements and educating peers at network events, and promoting voluntary environmental reporting standards.

A Sustainability Team can be a valuable tool for any company, especially those pursuing Net Zero goals. If you want to find out how we can support you on your sustainability journey, get in touch with one of our experts today.

  • Creative: Sophie Parrington, Marketing Assistant

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