New Automotive Insight Report Reveals How the Industry Is Tackling Net Zero

Research conducted by Businesswise Solutions and Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) highlights the challenges organisations in the industry are currently facing, and why Net Zero has taken a back seat.

The 22-page ‘Sentiment of the Sector & the Road to Net Zero’ insight report found that automotive businesses are still recovering from the impact COVID-19 has had on key raw materials, parts, and components, causing long lead times. Add major government policy decisions impacting what types of motor vehicles can be sold in the UK coming into effect at the end of the decade. There’s little surprise that Net Zero has been pushed down the agenda. 

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for the industry, as the insight report reveals. Even with the challenges preventing Net Zero, automotive businesses are still taking simple steps to put them in a good place for when the time comes. 

‘Sentiment of the Sector & the Road to Net Zero’ explores four themes: the current approach to Net Zero in the industry, how (& when) the Net Zero challenge gets pushed down the supply chain, key drivers to organisations becoming Net Zero, and enabling Net Zero.

A few words from the NAA and Businesswise

NAA Chief Executive, Paul Jones, said: “I was delighted to partner with our associate member Businesswise Solutions to facilitate these fascinating and informative round tables. We had very insightful discussions around what impact Net Zero has already had on the automotive industry, and how it will continue to change the sector.” 

Frazer Durris, CEO and Founder of Businesswise Solutions added: “Bringing everyone together for this discussion gave us the chance to see what was really going to be the driving force behind these businesses making the transition to net zero carbon.” 

“The UK Automotive Sector is one that we feel very close to as a business while many of the challenges organisations are facing are replicated across our wider client base, there are many ways in which the sector is unique and as such, requires a slightly different approach.”

‘Sentiment of the Sector & the Road to Net Zero’ compiled insights and feedback from a round table event hosted at Businesswise Solutions HQ ‘The Energy Centre’ in February 2022 to gauge popular sentiment on the performance of the UK Automotive Sector.

Participants provided a good mix of OEM, Tier One, and Tier Two manufacturers, alongside academic and business support organisations with strong links and objectives within the UK Automotive Sector.

Download your copy of the ‘Sentiment of the Sector & the Road to Net Zero’ report

Northern Automotive Net Zero Report
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